MBA Entrance Exam: How to Handle First 5 Minutes?

Nitin Rao updated on : 27 Sep 2016

Here’s how the first 5 minutes of your MBA entrance exam can make or break your performance!

MBA, one of the most sought after career options at the postgraduate level, opens up innumerable opportunities for those who wish to climb the corporate ladder. As a result, the number of candidates taking MBA entrance exam is rising every year at a rapid pace. While there are multiple factors to determine how you will perform on the big day, the first five minutes of your exam are also extremely crucial. If you want to increase your chances of scoring well in the exam, then should know how to handle those initial moments when you answer the question paper.

In the following article, I will share some of the essential steps you should follow when you sit down to that popular MBA entrance exam in India.

MBA Entrance Exam Preparation Tips

Check the Entire Question Paper:

As soon as you get the question paper, check whether you’ve received the complete paper or not. Sometimes, candidates forget to check the entire paper when they are extremely hassled.  While it is a rare thing to happen, candidates should be prepared to handle such a situation.

Read the Instructions Wisely:

The minute you see the complete question paper, start reading all the instructions carefully and adhere to the guidelines throughout the examination. Students often ignore reading the instructions and think that it would be a waste of their time. However, the thing is skipping this section can actually destroy your chances of qualifying the exam.

Read All Questions Carefully:

The first and foremost step you should take while appearing for an exam is reading the question paper carefully. This will help you in understanding the nature of questions that have been asked. Don’t just take a quick look and skip to another question! Spend few seconds and try to understand what the question is all about. Doing so will surely take a bit more time than usual, but it is the best way to perform well in an MBA entrance exam. Once you’re done reading the question, only then go ahead.

Jot Down Formulas:

Before you start answering the questions, note down some common formulas and acronyms roughly. This technique will save a lot of your time and will also help you in memorising formulations required to answer the questions. But ensure that you do not spend too much time on writing the formulas.

Segregate Questions:

After reading the question paper, identify the questions you think you know and can solve easily. Attempt those questions first and save your time for other questions that need extra effort. Solving easy questions first will help you manage your time according to the length of the question paper. However, in the process of saving time, you must not overlook the questions you know.

Mark Per Minute Ratio:

Once quickly done with the questions you know, calculate the time remaining and the number of unanswered questions you are left with. Mark per minute ratio you have for rest of the exam and try to stick to the same. By following this strategy, you will be able to keep track of the time you have been allotted and can finish the examination quickly.

Flip the Sequence:

Sometimes question papers are designed in a manner that it confuses the students. I would suggest you read the answers first and try to spot the odd one out. However, this trick won’t help you every time, but it surely gives you an edge in answering effectively. Like in CAT 2016, you can flip the sequence. 

Reduce Per Question Time in Verbal Section:

You should decrease the time you spend on each question, especially in verbal section. This section primarily examines your reading ability. If you are not able to answer a question within 25 to 30 seconds, it’s better to skip them.

Other than these tactics, some of the general guidelines you should adhere to while sitting for an MBA entrance exam are as follows:

You should keep an eye on the clock and go on accordingly.

Do not hesitate to clear your doubt about any question with the examiner.

Do not compare yourself with others, especially when someone finishes the exam early Review all your answers .

Best of luck!

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