‘MBA Grads Must Be Proactive and Quick Thinkers’

Nidhi Bahl updated on : 02 Mar 2017

Dr. Seema Tatwawadi, Director at Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research (AIMSR), Mumbai shares her take on management education.

Dr. Seema Tatwawadi, AIMSR Mumbai

Q. How does an MBA bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in future?

A. An MBA degree equips the students with diverse academic backgrounds with a common platform of basic understanding of the marketplace, corporate sector and industry. No other specialisation has this unique quality. An insight into business practices, ethics, ethos and expectations provides grounding in the dynamic business world to the would-be manager.

Q. Many students succumb to herd mentality when it comes to choosing a career path. On what criteria should a student base his/her decision to pursue business management?

A. I believe that the present day students across the urban/rural divide are quite perceptive and know what they would like to study at the postgraduate level. A career in business is a matter of personal choice. However, most of the families running some family business desire their children to pursue MBA. For those, desirous of specialisation in other academic streams, choices are wide open. In some cases, peer pressure may lead to similar choice…but this is rare.

Q. On what factors must a student base his/her choice of an MBA college?

A. Generally, any MBA institute that has good placement records, excellent faculty and technologically well-equipped infrastructure qualifies as the best institute. Basically, the past and present standing of the institute, existing faculty and infrastructure, history of academic and co-curricular activities in the institute, past and current training and placement record, well-equipped library and computer lab, reputation of the faculty and teaching staff and in metro cities, the proximity to home.

Q. How can a student strengthen his/her MBA application?

A. Basic studies and good CAT/CET score, emphasis on improvement of people skills, record of extracurricular activities at graduate level, demonstrated leadership and participation in college level activities like quizzes, elocution, team building and adventure activities.

Q. What, according to you, are the most promising MBA specialisations considering the industry preferences?

A. International Business and Infrastructure Development, HRD, Logistics Management, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups Management and many other emerging specialisations including Family-Run Business management.

Q. Basis your interaction with students, what, according to you, do they look for during MBA admissions? Please elaborate the factors.

A. Admission seekers are looking out for an institute with good infrastructure along with a well-experienced faculty that will guide them in the right direction. They are looking at the freedom to choose subjects of their liking even if it means cutting across streams. Students look at the track record of placements and the alumni network. They look at academic & extracurricular activities organised by the institute & participation of the institute in such activities when organised by others.

Q. Can you tell us any 5 USPs of Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research (AIMSR), Mumbai?

A. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure. Along with this, we focus on:

  • Employability enhancement by providing best training for placements
  • Strong industry academia interface, which provides excellent opportunities to interact with stalwarts from industry
  • Well experienced faculty with industry exposure using experiential pedagogy
  • Incubation Centre for Start-ups and motivating entrepreneurial skills among students
  • Competence Development and students’ engagement via organising various activities on and off-campus

Q. How does AIMSR prepare students for the world of employment?

A. AIMSR prepares entrepreneurs and job giver. We do not wish to create job seekers. However, we make all efforts to secure the future of our students by providing them job placements according to their academic and applied knowledge and skills acquired through our activities and programmes.

Q. Your advice to students who are looking for options in MBA, on choosing the right career and being successful in it…

A. Change is the new normal in the business world. The world economy being in a state of flux right now, the MBA aspirants must develop their abilities and hone their skills to be proactive and quick thinkers. They must come prepared to face dynamic challenges of the corporate world and above all be prepared for extremely demanding work culture to be successful in future.

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