Meditation session with Ms. Charnita Arora, DU

HTCampus Expert updated on : 24 Jul 2015

DU lecturer Dr. Charnita Arora has a way to boost your confidence and fill happiness in your life!

Delhi University lecturer and psychologist Ms. Charnita Arora is on Mission to Promote Life-relevant education for the class-room of life.
She is the owner and Managing Director of Perfect life Spot, 2250 Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, New Delhi, India from August 2011 to present
She is working to provide English Honours Guidance, Psychological Counselling and Guidance, Experiential Learning, Life-skills Workshops. 
She just held an event concerts of silence at her perfect life spot with the motive to fill calmness and happiness through the silence into the dynamic and stressed mind of ours. 

Event at a glance:

  • Concerts of Silence was the flagship session at PLS. It helped to experience timelessness and inner-peace by simply helping you be silent. It involves complete acceptance of all mind-noise with no-resistance approach.
  • The session was facilitated by non-caffeinated tea, tibetan healing bowl and breath-awareness.
  • The session also helped to go-slow and achieve deep relaxation. This one-hour of silence gave a complete mind-spa for clarity and peace.
Post this concert, participants had confirmed benefits on their sleep-restfulness, concentration, memory, attention-span and confidence.
What happens when
  • Our words arise from comfortable silence
  • We realize the beautiful energy of our eyes to create connects
  • We know how to gift rich smiles
  • The suffering of the entire world lessens
In this session, students practised silence for 55 minutes, then learnt how to look into someone's eyes with love, peace and joy & be mindful of our words.
Source: Gagan Kapoor, HTCampus Specialist 

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