Meet Love Arora, the topper from Guru Nanak Dev University

HTCampus Expert updated on : 25 Feb 2016

Love Arora, has topped the University this year along with an exceptionally great placement at SAP Labs!

We often hear success stories of great personalities and find that there has never been a substitute for hard work, will power and dedication. Excellence of students at any age also depend on these qualities, whether it may be in sports or academics. And those who touches the peak of success through their dedication, set an example for their juniors and many others.
Same example set by Love Arora, from Guru Nanak Dev University, who has topped the University this year along with an exceptionally great placement at SAP Labs. 
Let’ have a look on the formal chitchat with Love Arora where he talks about his success mantra and also the hard work put behind his recent achievement.

His Profile:

  • Name: Love Arora
  • B. Tech CSE final CGPA: 9.93 (Overall B.Tech CGPA)
  • Current recruitment in: SAP, Bangalore
Q: What are your hobbies?    
A: Exploring New Places, Making New Friends, Cooking, Watching Movies, Listening Songs. 
Q: Your Success Mantra?   
A: No Shortcut to Success, Keep Hardworking 
Q. How did you maintain your CGPA throughout the four years?    
A: Make your concepts clear, Learn to have knowledge instead of only to get marks. Attemp each and every question as your final chance to express your knowledge in a well presentable way.                                                                                                                                            
Where do you see yourself in five years?        
A: Difficult to predict, but yes I would like to see myself as a successful person holding higher position than I started with, I would keep learning new skills to face the challenges in work. So that i  can help in growing the organization achieve aim of life. 
Q: What training does a student need to get through placement rounds?
A: For placements, First student must be confident enough to bear the pressure of interviews. For almost all companies aptitude is the entrance door to the world of IT.
After Aptitude, You must have good Communication skills, After that the most important i.e crystal clear concepts of core subjects and languages. It doesn't matter how long your resume is! Just prepare resume as it reflects your mirror image in brief and accurately. Prepare your Technical and HR rounds very well and answer smartly.
Q: Your views about your college:
A:College matters at some point but major is the faculty and student's curiosity about study domain. In my college, whole faculty helped me and supported me throughout my graduation years. They actually polished me like a jeweller and helps me to shine. All depends upon the students determination because "Guru can only show us a path, we have to hard work and achieve the goal". I really thanks to whole my faculty for guiding me a path. 
Q: Any message to your juniors?
A: Pay your 100% in studies along with other activities too you want to do, learn the concepts and try to understand subjects instead of cramming it and grasp marks  as it won't pay you anything. Have excellence in your work and then you 'll enjoy when you get fruit full results.  Always be positive that you can do and it always works. Try to prioritize things and have a goal you want to achieve. 
Source: Aayushi Mehta, HTCampus Specialist

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