Relief to Students: MHRD to Reduce NCERT Syllabus by Half

Vinod Sharma updated on : 27 Feb 2018

In a move to reduce the burden of students and give them a fair chance to develop cognitive skills, MHRD mulls to cut the NCERT syllabus by half from the academic session of 2019.


In what can really be termed as a great respite to students, MHRD has announced to cut NCERT syllabus to half. The announcement came from none other than Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Prakash Javadekar. The minister stated that the syllabus is too tough for school going students at this stage and is more than that of B.Com and BA courses.

The move to cut NCERT syllabus by half is to give students time for other all around activities and above all, development. The move is intended to come into vogue from the academic session of 2019. The minister also talked about the reforms that government is considering in the school education and stated that the examinations and detentions would be introduced in the coming months.

The current NDA government aims to introduce a bill for the same in the next part of the budget session. The minister has asked NCERT to cut the syllabus and affirmed that it will be implemented from the academic session of 2019. The move is the result of MHRD’s understanding that at the stage of cognitive skill development, students rightfully deserve the full freedom. The minister also believed that there would be no competition and no targets without examinations.

Taking its student-centric approach to the next level, the minister also stated that if a student fails in March, s/he will be getting another chance in May the same year. If a student flunks both the chances, only then s/he will be detained. HRD minister also stressed that plenty of information is not education because students are no data banks. He stressed that the main aim of education is to bring out a good human being. Besides this, he also reiterated that the need of the hour is to inculcate value education, experiential learning, life skills and physical fitness in our daily life.

MHRD is to ask for suggestions/opinions from parents, teachers, students, educational experts and concerned stakeholders in the field of education about its decision to reduce NCERT syllabus. The ministry will review the suggestions after two months and will respond appropriately to reduce the syllabus accordingly.

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