MICA and Talentedge Partner for a New PG Certificate Programme

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 19 Sep 2016

Talentedge and MICA have partnered to provide a new PG certificate programme in Digital Marketing. Read on to know more.

MICA and Talentedge Partner for a New Program

MICA is one of India's leading management schools. It has collaborated with Talentedge, which is one of India's premier Ed-Tech firms, to offer students a PG certificate course in Digital Marketing. The lectures will be conducted and delivered by the faculty of MICA, using Talentedge's direct-to-device technology. The duration of the programme will be four months.



The course will begin from October 15, 2016, and Amit Kishore, a reputed Digital Communication Management, Adjunct Professor at MICA, will conduct the lectures and periodically evaluate the participants.

Objective of the PG programme:

  • The PG certificate programme is specially designed for candidates who wish to enhance their digital marketing knowledge.
  • The course will provide working professionals and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to gain comprehensive and specialised knowledge that would help them market their products and services worldwide, via online mediums.
  • The programme is designed to familiarise the candidates with nuances of digital marketing, using real-life, well-structured and professional approach.

The live and interactive lectures will be delivered on the student's desktop/laptop via the internet through Talentedge's direct-to-device technology. All the learners will be allowed access to Talentedge's Cloud Campus which will contain different learning aids, reference materials, study materials, case studies etc. as per requirement.

One of the professors at MICA said that Digital Marketing as a career as gained a lot of potential in the recent years. The current generation is tech-driven and want to be at the cutting edge of the digital world. The interactive and innovative technology provided by Talentedge will help learners gain the right expertise and knowledge. The real-life case studies enriched in the programme will provide better understanding amongst learners helping them enhance their careers.

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