MICA Research Committee hosts Research Colloquium

Sarika Rana updated on : 06 Dec 2016

MICA organized yet another edition of Research Colloquium that was dedicated to the area of communication for social change. Read on!

MICA Research Committee hosts Research Colloquium

The “Research Committee” of MICA recently hosted another edition of Research Colloquium where distinguished scholar Dr. Jyotika Ramaprasad (University of Miami, USA) gave a presentation in the area of Communication for Social Change. The presentation revolved around her academic work where she mostly through participatory research methods attempts to understand and explore the life world of the communities. In one such study, she has attempted to study the situation of the Roma, a nomadic group that migrated to Europe several centuries back from India. They are discriminated against in many parts of the world but particularly in Europe. The prejudice against them has translated into poor treatment in medical settings. Professor Ramaprasad has conducted formative research, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, in a community in Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, to fully understand the situation on the ground with the aim to develop one or more interventions to address this issue.

Further, to understand the life world of the people from the group, she focused on formative research, a research framework that is inclusive of the societal norms and structures created by the groups. One of the important takeaways from this presentation was the normative framework of a Formative Research, which is a mix and match of secondary and primary data collection. Understanding the life world of the Romas was done through a mix and match of qualitative and quantitative research methods. This study becomes an important pedestal to further emphasize on cross-cultural research in the future.

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