MICAT Preparation Tips 2018 - How to crack MICAT II 2018?

Shreyasa Vijay updated on : 06 Feb 2018

MICA to conduct MICAT II 2018 on February 17. Check MICAT 2018 preparation tips mentioned here to know how you can ace the exam with good score.

MICAT Preparation Tips

MICAT Preparation Tips 2018 – MICA Ahmedabad will be conducting the MICAT phase II 2018 exam on February 17. The candidates preparing for the exam are now hardly left with few days to prepare for the exam. To ace and crack the exam with a good score, the candidates must prepare as per the exam syllabus and should have clear understanding of the exam pattern. The structure of the exam will give details to the candidates about exam duration, the number of questions which will be asked in exam, the details of markig scheme etc. SInce this exam has no negative marking, the candidates have a chance of taking risks and marking the answers. One of the MICAT 2018 preparation tip always given by experts and exam toppers is to maintain a good accuracy level in the exam. They have always been of the opinion that the candidates should focus on getting maximum number of questions correct instead of running after completing the whole exam. 

MICAT is a computer based exam and its test pattern has been detailed on this page along with some of the best MICA admission test preparation tips. The MICAT 2018 preparation tips will help you to get success in the exam. These tips will guide the candidates about the important topics which must be  covered in the MICAT exam. It is very important for the candidates that they should know the right topics and type of questions asked in MICAT exam in order to save their time. Candidates will be able to form the effective exam strategy with the help of MICAT preparation tips. 

MICAT 2018 Preparation Tips

MICAT preparation tips will be valuable for the candidates preparing for the MICAT 2018. Candidates need to put a lot of hard work and determination to prepare for the test. It is very important to have a proper planning and strategy to ace the exam.

MICAT Exam Pattern 2018

For MICAT aspirants, it is very important to understand the exam pattern of the test. It will help the candidates to know about the type of questions, marking scheme, time duration, the total number of questions etc. Duration of the exam will be two hours and 45 minutes. There will not be any negative marking for Descriptive and Psychometric sections. Verbal ability, Quantitative ability, General awareness, Divergent-Convergent Reasoning sections will have the negative marking of 0.25 percent of the allotted marks.



No. of Questions

Time Allotted

Part I

Psychometric (P)


25 Minutes



Part II

Verbal Ability (VA)




1 Hour and 45 Minutes

Quantitative Ability (QA)

25 - 27

General Awareness (GA)


Divergent-Convergent Reasoning (DCR)


Part III

Descriptive Test (DT)


35 Minutes

How to crack MICAT 2018 II?

Candidates always search for the tips and tricks to crack MICAT exam. The most common question which is asked by the aspirants is that how to prepare for MICA admission test and here below we are providing the answer to this question, stating the best tips to crack this test.

MICAT Preparation Tips – Psychometric Test

This section is a qualifier. Candidates who will qualify psychometric test will be evaluated on other remaining sections. It assesses the behavior and personality traits of the candidate. There is no such strategy to crack this test. The only thing which will work is honesty. Candidates will need to be truthful while answering the questions. This section will test the candidate’s opinion on different topics. Whatever views, aspects and responses they will be the reflection of their personality. Just be sincere and consistent to ace this section.

Following three types of questions are asked in this section:

  • Candidates will be given a set of 25-30 statements. They will be required to choose 5-10 statements which define their personality.
  • A set of two arguments will be given and candidates will have to rate those arguments according to their personality.
  • Circumstances will be provided along with option. Candidates will have to rank the options as per their choice.

MICAT 2018 Preparation Tips – Verbal Ability

This section will be comprised of grammar based questions. Candidates can follow below-given tips to prepare for VA section:

  • Play online games based on English Grammar and vocabulary.
  • Read books and magazines to improve your command over English.
  • Learn new words every day to build your vocabulary.
  • Use online tools such as flash card and word lists.
  •  Study grammar books to enhance grammar section.

MICAT Preparation Tips 2018 - Quantitative Ability

This section is all about maths. It is similar to CAT. If you are preparing for CAT or XAT, this portion becomes easy. Quant section includes Arithmetic related topics such as time and speed, time and work, allegations and mixtures etc. It will also consist topics like percentages, probability, average, ratio & proportions, mean, median and mode etc. Tips to crack quant section are as follows:

  • Clear you basic concepts
  • Practice will make you perfect in this section. Practice is needed to increase the accuracy as well as the speed of candidate.
  • Learn all the formulae and theorems
  • Do revision regularly.

MICAT 2018 Preparation Tips – General Awareness

Questions will be asked from economics, business, history, current affairs etc. Candidates must read the newspapers, magazines and stay aware updated on the latest domestic and international events. It is the best way to prepare for this section. Candidates should also have the knowledge of various brands, taglines, celebrity endorsers, films, related awards, mergers, and acquisitions. You can keep notes of the important political, economic & social events for MICAT preparation tips 2018.There are so many news applications available which can be used to stay informed about the incidents happening all over the world.

Tips to prepare and crack MICAT 2018 – Divergent & Convergent Reasoning

This is one of the most interesting sections to attempt. The main types of questions asked in this section are essay writing, story writing, and argument in favor or against. Given below are some MICAT tips & tricks for descriptive test –

Essay Writing – In this section, candidates will be required to write an essay on the given topic. Topics will be related to here are some of the sample topics that the candidates can practice –

  • The impact of Social networking sites on youth
  • Disintegration of larger states into smaller states
  • Trials & Prejudices by Media

The topics will be based on the current political, social and economic events. While writing an essay, candidates should be able to communicate their ideas clearly and precisely. Candidates are advised to maintain a flow in their language and use real-life logic to structure the essay. If possible, use real life examples whenever necessary.

Story Writing – It is one of the interesting sections. Candidates should understand that it can be used as the hack to clear MICAT 2018. They should start writing practice from now onward. Candidates will be provided a set of pictures (7 – 10) and will be required to frame a story using the pictures. Candidates will have to use their imagination and depict a story with all the essentials of the pictures. The story should be logical as well as artistic. Candidates with the most appealing and flamboyant story can obtain good marks in this section. There is no right or wrong in this section. We never know what can work out best for us. So, candidates are suggested to show up their creative best.

The argument in favor or against – In this section, a topic will be provided and the candidates will be required to give their views against it or in favor of it. Candidates are generally asked to mark minimum 5 points in favor and 5 against the topic. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of clarity in thinking. Candidates are advised to put strong and honest arguments to crack this section.

General MICAT Preparation Tips 2018

  • SWOT Analysis – During MICAT 2018 Preparation, you should recognize your weak and strong points. After identifying, try to turn your weaknesses into strengths and improve your strengths even further. Candidates will be able to finish their syllabus in a proper manner.
  • Strategy Formulation – Forming a strategy and study plan is significant for MICAT 2018 preparation. Always make plans which can be followed practically. Try to cover difficult topics as much as you can and save proper time for revising the topics.
  • Section Wise Preparation – Devote your time to all the sections. Don’t waste your time in practicing only one section. Each section is equally important. Make the plan in such a way so that you can concentrate on every section.
  • Practice – Practice makes you perfect. Solve as many as mock tests and sample papers as you can. It will enhance your accuracy. Do a steady practice on a timely basis and don’t overdo it. Solving mock test and sample papers will increase your speed and will make you familiar with the exam pattern of MICAT 2018.
  • Get familiar with the mouse –  MICAT 2018 will be conducted in online mode, you should start solving all mock test on computer. If you will not be comfortable with the system, you will become nervous at the time of MICAT exam 2018.
  • Manage your time – Managing your time in MICAT exam is essential. Don’t spend surplus time on a particular question. Distribute equal time for each section. You must keep the time limit in your mind and try to attempt the easier part first and save the remaining time for the difficult portion of the question paper. It will also save your time and help you in scoring good marks in MICAT 2018.
  • Brush up your fundamentals – Candidates should clear all the fundamentals and apply it tactically. Be clear with the basics of your topics. Learn all the formulae and use them strategically. 
  • Stay healthy – Staying healthy is of foremost importance. Sometimes candidates ignore their health in order to prepare for the test. You should take a proper sleep; otherwise, you will end up with negative impacts on the health. So, have a good diet and sleep and maintain your health, don’t neglect your health.
  • Stay Calm – Everybody gives this advice. But students take a lot of stress and pressure. They get worried and start facing anxiety and depression issues. Have confidence in yourself and prepare with a chill mind. Anxiety will ruin your preparation which will again push you toward depression.
  • Stay Updated – Candidates must keep themselves aware of the current issues and happenings from all over the world. This will make the GK section easier for you. Most of the question in this section will be asked from latest incidents. You can download the news application and games related to general knowledge. It will make your preparation easier as well as interesting.
  • Keep a track of latest events – You can note down the information at one place so that it will easy for you to remember and revise that information at the time of MICAT 2018. Read blogs and articles based on general awareness. Try to follow general knowledge threads online.
  • Manage your time - Always follow the time limit of the test. So while solving sample paper, keep a stopwatch with you. It will help you to increase your speed.
  • Solve previous year’s question paper - This will give you a fair idea about the type of questions that can be asked in MICA admission test 2018. So, collect questions from previous year’s NMAT exam and try to solve them.
  • Build the strategy - Do not beat around the bushes. This is the time when you should concentrate and make strategies for the exam. Without proper study plan, you cannot get success. Recognise your weak areas and concentrate on improvising that area. Build up your strengths and work on your weaknesses. First, clear your fundamentals and then practice to boost your speed and accuracy.
  • Go through the syllabus and exam pattern - You should have the knowledge about MICAT Syllabus. It will help you to strategize your preparation. Divide the whole syllabus into parts and study accordingly. Mark your strong and weak points separately. If you are weak in any area, there is no need to worry about. You are having enough time to beat your weaknesses. Make a list of your weak points and try to cover them. By this way, you can keep track of what you know/don’t know and it will reduce the stress from your mind as you will be confident about the topics you've covered.
  • Revision - Revise the old topics and formulae you have already covered. If you will not revise the basics and formulas, there are chances you can forget it. You may not get time in the end which can be a cause for your failure. So with the daily study, try to spend some time in the revision of such important subjects.
  • Don’t Panic - There I no need to get panic. It can ruin all your preparation. Always believe on yourself. If you will do preparations without getting frighten, more chances are there to get success.
  • Group Study - It is not compulsory to study with group. It differs from person to person. Studying with students of the same mindset helps you keep hold of more of what you study. Choose your company which is as concerned about the studies as you and that you don’t end up wasting time in pointless talks!

MICAT Syllabus 2018

In order to crack the exam, candidates need to have the complete knowledge regarding the syllabus of MICAT exam. There is wide range of topics covered in MICAT test. Here we are providing the whole list of topics asked in the exam:

Psychometric Test

This test is conducted to check the behavioural and characteristic traits of the candidates. This section consists of psychometric questions which tests the behaviour of the aspirants. Candidates must answer all the questions. It will contain multiple choice questions.

Verbal Ability

Following are the topics which will be asked in verbal ability sections:

  • Sentence correction
  • Idioms
  • One word substitution
  • Jumbled paragraphs
  • English usage or grammar
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Analogies

Quantitative Ability

Questions in QA section will be based on following topics:

  • Geometry, (Lines, angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Cone etc)
  • Binomial Expansion
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Logarithm
  • Calendar
  • Maxima & Minima Progression
  • Surds & Indices and Complex numbers
  • Ratios and Proportion
  • Heights & Distance
  • Number system
  • HCF – LCM
  • Geometric Progression
  • Arithmetic progression
  • Percentages
  • Profit & Loss
  • Averages
  • Time-Speed-Distance – Work and time
  • Arithmetic mean
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Geometric mean
  • Harmonic mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Number Base System
  • Venn diagram
  • Probability
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Vectors

General Awareness

Following are the topics which will be covered in general awareness section:

  • Sports
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Politics
  • Business
  • History
  • Finance
  • World records
  • Indian Constitution
  • Nation and states

Divergent - Convergent Reasoning

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Sequence and Series
  • Word Association
  • Statement – Assumption

Descriptive Test

It will be comprised of descriptive questions. Writing and creative skills of candidates will be evaluated in this section. Candidates will have to attend all the questions.

Keep visiting this page for more updates on MICAT preparation tips 2018. In the case of any doubt or query regarding the tips and tricks to solve the MICAT exam 2018.

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