Mock Delights at Manav Rachna International University

HTCampus Expert updated on : 24 Sep 2015

Manav Rachna International University conducted a Mock Delight Session from September 14-September 17, 2015 at the College Campus

Mock Delight

Manav Rachna International University's Career Breakthrough organized by Career Development Centre (CDC) – the learning arm of Manav Rachna – witnessed a successful run and left students delighted and content. The program comprised a 4-day long comprehensive crash course that was conducted from September 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015, during which the students were exposed to various sessions to hone their verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, interview etiquettes, etc. The program had the desired effect of upping the motivation levels of the students by a few notches.

After the summation of the crash course, the students were subjected to a two-day long evaluative phase that commenced on 18th September 2015. During the 2 days, the students underwent rigorous mock interviews which gave them a flavour of a real life situation. These mock interviews were conducted in the most professional manner with designated venues spread throughout the campus, each taken care of by a 4 member panel that included senior functionaries of the university and professors from different areas. Each student dressed up and conducted himself like he would on the day of final placement, received at least 10 minutes of interview time and was given a feedback with specific observations and suggestions. Students were thrilled to have experienced this role play.


The students also received a 2 hour session on interview basics by an eminent industry expert, Mr. Shantanu Basu, currently Director, and Training & Development with the Cosmic Group. With 18 years of experience behind him, Mr. Basu has also been the National Training Head with Domino’s Pizza. He also managed and led training of 22,000 volunteers of Common Wealth Games, 2010. Mr. Basu conducted various activities during the sessions and explained the importance of different personality requisites through humorous analogies.


Source: Ashish Mishra, HT Campus Specialist

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