MRIU Delegates Attends Conference in Finland Recently

HTCampus Expert updated on : 13 May 2016

Delegates from MRIU and Lahti University visited Finland to attend a conference.

Manav Rachna International University attended a conference in Finland to present papers in ‘Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2016’ in collaboration with Lahti University, between May 10 and 12, 2016.
The conference provided an excellent meeting cum networking forum platform that brings together thinkers, planners and practitioners from the academic world, business and public sector.
Dr. N C Wadhwa, VC-MRIU delivered the keynote address for the conference theme: “Future Development of Regions”. The session focused on different regional development organizations and their role in value creation and regional growth. The key question was how to stimulate regional development and contribute to regional competitiveness in the future.
Source: Harshil Kumar Anand, HTCampus Specialist

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