MU OET 2018 Preparation Tips

Thamanna Abdul Latheef updated on : 13 Mar 2018

Manipal University Online Entrance Examination 2018 (MU OET) will be conducted from April 19 to May 09, 2018. MU OET 2018 exam preparation tips will help students prepare well for the test and score well. Check them here!

MU OET 2018 Preparation Tips

MU OET 2018 is a crucial exam for the candidates who want to pursue B.Tech from Manipal University. Candidates who had already filled MU OET 2018 application form before March 11, 2018, have started preparing for the exam. As well all know just filling the form and booking examination slot is not enough to get admission to undergraduate programmes in the colleges accepting MU OET 2018 score. Candidates need to make an effective study plan, prepare well for the exam and perform their best. And the first step is to make an effective plan to cover maximum MU OET 2018 syllabus in a limited time. So, here are some helpful MU OET exam preparation tips for the aspirants.

MU OET 2018 preparation tips help the candidates perform well in the exam and that too in an organized way, which is very important for cracking any entrance exam. Manipal University Online Entrance Examination 2018 (MU OET) is an online entrance test organized by the Manipal University for the admission to various courses. The qualified candidates are admitted to the various courses under Manipal University. As the exam is forthcoming, candidates will be stressed out and the only thought in their mind will be about ‘How to prepare for M OET 2018?' and the MU OET 2018 last preparation tips that they are searching online.

MU OET 2018 Important Dates:

The important dates of MU OET 2018 are out officially. As the form filling process for MU OET 2018 is over, it is the time for the students to start full-fledged exam preparation. Apart from exam preparation, candidates should also keep a track of the important dates to ensure that they don't miss any important even like slot booking, downloading admit cards and result. 

MU OET Important Dates 2018



Availability of Online Application Form

October 17, 2017

Last Date to Submit Duly Filled Application Form

March 11, 2018

MU OET 2018 Online Test Booking Schedule (OTBS) / 

MU OET 2018 Slot Booking (1st and 2ndattempt)

March 31 to April 5, 2018

Availability of Admit Card for 1st and 2nd attempt

Fourth week of March to Second week of April 2018

MU OET 2018 Exam Dates (1st and 2ndAttempt)

April 19 to May 9, 2018

MU OET 2018 Slot Booking (3rd Attempt)

May 9 and 10, 2018

Admit Card for 3rd Attempt

Third week of May 2018

MU OET 2018 (3rd Attempt)

May 11, 2018

MU OET 2018 Result

Fourth week of May 2018

MU OET 2018 Merit List Display

May 14, 2018

First Round of Counselling

First week of June to the Second week of June 2018

Commencement of Classes for the academic session 2018-19

July 17, 2018

MU OET 2018 Preparation Tips:

Get Exam Pattern of MU OET 2018:

Know all about the MU OET 2018 Exam Pattern in order to avoid confusion during the exam. The candidates will have an idea of the time and effort that a subject demands so they will be able to provide their time accordingly. The exam of MU OET 2018 is 2 Hour and 30 Minutes and knowing about all the exam pattern, mode of questions, the number of questions from each subject etc will aid the aspirant with confidence.

Know MU OET 2018 Syllabus:

MU OET 2018 Syllabus includes the subject that the candidate needs to cover for the entrance examination of MU OET 2018. The preparation for MU OET 2018 should be based on the Syllabus as the entrance examination will be based on the MU OET 2018 Syllabus. Summarizing and revising the topics in the syllabus as per the subjects will definitely influence the students to score and rank in MU OET 2018. Making notes from each subject will help the student during the time of examination. Continuous practice and timely revision will take you a long way for the MU OET 2018.

Maintain timetable and stick to it:

Many have the habit of making hard timetables for 12-16 hours a day which are difficult to follow. Stop making impossible schedules. There will be some aspirants who can stick to their “12-16” hour timetable but now more than hard work, smart work matters. Aspirants should choose the quality of study over quantity. Maintaining a timetable is one of the preparation tips of MU OET 2018

Make effective strategies to crack MU OET 2018:

Plan properly and make effective strategies which will help you to clear the MU OET 2018 Entrance Examination. How you replicate your studies in the exam is important so preparation is very important for MU OET 2018. A proper timetable according to the strategy is the perfect combination to crack any exam like MU OET 2018.  Focused and undivided attention is another mantra which helps the candidates to win in all the examinations. Right step at the right time should be the major focus of each candidate of MU OET 2018. Plan and execute the perfect strategy suitable for you.

Solve question papers which have solutions or answer keys:

Solving sample question papers of MU OET will enhance your confidence and eliminate stress. It is advisable to solve question papers from 2012 to 2017. Solve previous years question papers as much as possible (2012-17). Make an environment in your home itself which gives you a feel of examination while solving question papers so it will help you to focus more on giving exam without any distraction. Analyze your time consumption for each section. Analyze where you are committing mistake and study accordingly. If the marks are below the borderline, you need to work on your weak points without demoralizing yourself.

Remain Positive:

Cracking any competitive exam is easy if you have a well-planned timetable and strategy. MU OET 2018 can also be cracked if proper dedication and time are allotted to the candidate in a limited time. Another important aspect is that you have to believe in yourself and need timely self-motivation. Stay away from the negative environment which detaches you from studies. Maintain proper healthy diet and whatever you plan, execute it. Success will be on your way.

These are some of the preparation tips for MU OET 2018. Stay tuned to for more updates on MU OET 2018.

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