Myths v/s Reality About Delhi University (DU)

Preeti Gupta updated on : 01 Aug 2017

Being one of the prominent universities in India, DU gets everyone’s attention. Different opinions of people about Delhi University also give rise to some myths, which will be busted in this article.

Myths vs Reality About DU

Delhi University (DU) being one of the prestigious universities in India grab the attention of not just students but also their parents as well as critics. There are different things talked about the university, DU colleges, students, fests etc. Some call DU to be the best university for different undergraduate and postgraduate courses while another call it the most overrated university.

DU actually remains a mysterious place for students until they enter into it and explore it. Everything you hear about the university and DU affiliated colleges might not be true. As there are so many half truths and myths about the prominent university in India, it is advisable not to trust everything you hear about DU. As some myths about Delhi University demean its reputation, we thought of showing you the real picture by busting the myths.

Myth 1: DU is Restricted to Just North and South Campus

This might not be a myth but a misconception of students that all the best colleges in DU are on north campus. Most of the students apply for admission in colleges in North and South campus only.

Reality: In reality, there are many good colleges in off campus, which not just have an amazing campus but also world-class education facilities. Some of the off campus colleges in DU are also popular for their fests and quality of education. So there is also the world outside of North and South Campus in DU. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Maharaja Agrasen, and Vivekananda are some of the popular off campus colleges known for their excellent performance.

Myth 2: DU Students are Some Rich Spoil Brat

People have the misconception that DU students are born with silver spoon in their mouth and belong to well-to-do families.

Reality: Though many popular names and celebrities have completed their graduation and post-graduation from DU, it is not only for rich people. In reality, DU is popular for having a diverse crowd from every part of the country and from every income-group. You can find students from different backgrounds and varied point of views in the University.

Myth 3: DU Students Don’t Study

One of the biggest myths associated with DU is that students here are not interested in attending classes and studies.

Reality: DU has many names in its records, who not just did excellently well in academics but also brought fame to the university as well as the country. Those who want to study to make bright career will study in every condition and the toppers from DU have proved it many times. Kiran Bedi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Amitabh Bachchan, Subramaniam Ramadorai and Naina Lal Kidwai are some of the names to prove the point.

Myth 4: Attendance Doesn’t Matter at DU

A lot of students think that DU students can bunk classes without worrying about their attendance, which is completely erroneous.

Reality: Attendance does matter for DU students and affects their results. To appear for the exams, students need to have at least 75% attendance, which for sure is not possible by bunking classes every now and then.

Myth 5: Ragging is Unavoidable in DU

We know that there are strict rules against ragging in DU, but there is still a myth that initial days at Delhi University invite ragging.

Reality: Freshers might have a misconception about seniors, but in reality, they are very supportive and friendly. When you miss your family and friends to talk with, you can actually approach your supportive and caring seniors for help.

Myth 6: DU is all about Party and Fun

Another myth about DU is that students here just have fun and party all the time.

Reality: No matter how big party animal you are, once you enter DU, you will forget about parties. Why, because there are so many assignments that you will not get time to party. Teachers at DU are very particular about exams, tests, and assignments, which makes students anxious.

Myth 7: It is Easy to Get into Off Campus Colleges

There is a myth that getting into off campus colleges is easier due to their low cut-off percentage.

Reality: Though some off campus colleges like Zakir Hussain College keep the cut-off percentage low, most of the colleges are difficult to get into. DU cut-off 2017 for off campus colleges also left students in tears due to a high percentage. It is equally challenging to get admission at DU Off Campus College.

Myth 8: DU Students are Drug Addicts

This is really a strange myth that all DU students drink and smoke pots.

Reality: In today’s time almost everyone drinks and smokes. Students from different parts of the country don’t struggle to get admission at DU just to smoke pots and stay intoxicated. They are serious about their career and pay due attention to the classes, assignments and other things.

Myth 9: Life at DU is Cool with no Responsibilities

It is a misconception that life here is enjoyable with so many fests at DU colleges and different societies.

Reality: Fests at different colleges might be fun to join, but participating in them comes with great responsibilities. You don’t just need to make right decisions for yourself but also for the other students participating with you. You also need to prove that you have leadership skills.

Myth 10: DU Professors are Strict

There is a myth that DU professors are very strict and hard to approach.

Reality: Initially, you might find them strict, but once the ice breaks they are really supportive. There are teachers who even go out of their ways to help students. Professors are the best people to reach out to when in trouble.

Myth 11: DU Campus is all about Fashion Parade

People think that students in DU colleges dress up like they are going to a party.

Reality: Students wear colorful and fancy dresses initially, which is fine for they have just got freedom from boring school uniform. And what’s the harm in dressing well? It boosts confidence and makes you look presentable. But you will also find students who are least bothered about the outfit and focus only on their studies and classes. So DU campus is a place with every type of students.

There are so many things talked about Delhi University and the students studying in colleges there, but you cannot blindly trust everything. There are definitely some strong points making it one of the prominent universities in India from where a large number of students want to get their undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

Are you ready to unleash the power of truth? Next time if someone talks about these myths about DU, just introduce them to the reality.

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