National Workshop and Review on Future of Cities @ IIT Kharagpur

HTCampus Expert updated on : 02 Nov 2015

National Workshop and Review on Future of Cities @ IIT Kharagpur during October 20-30, 2015

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has organised a National Workshop and Review on Future of Cities at its campus during October 20-30, 2015. With the vision of Future of Cities, the experts from IIT Kharagpur have identified four broad areas where ground-centric and people-centric research is an imminent need which are Planning and Policy, Design and Development, Habitation and Maintenance and Governance.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • Future of Cities aims to be a platform to identify and address the concerns related to development of urban India.
  • The objective of Future of Cities is to identify the current scenario of urban India and to enhance quality of life in cities through research and recommendations from interdisciplinary ‘Schools of Thought’.

The success to the programme lies in the recognition of the key areas where research is required in the urban context and the timely completion of the research within the stipulated budget. Four broad areas of research were identified and 28 research modules under them have been carved out to best serve the ‘Future of Cities’ in India. These research modules were reviewed by external experts in March 2014 and based on their recommendation 21 modules have been initiated in April/May 2014.

The National Workshop and Review on Future of Cities is planned in October in order to review the progress the work during May 2014 to October 2015. The review will be carried out by External Experts. The Institute has received several new project proposals for possible inclusion and support under “Future of Cities”. These new project proposals will also be presented and reviewed by External Experts during the workshop.


Source: Akshay Thakur, HT Campus Specialist


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