New Age Distance Learning Programmes that Make Your CV Attractive

Nidhi Bahl updated on : 30 Aug 2016

Distance/Online learning programmes are flexible and allow people to gain adequate knowledge and skills without disturbing the current progression.


A business course certification can be directly proportionate to a good career. And a management course certification from a good B-school not only ensures one’s credentials, but also assures a good placement while reflecting well on one’s resume.

But often, pursuing a full-time MBA is beyond the scope of a candidate for a host of reasons such as lack of time, money, geographical location, etc. So in lieu of full-time education, candidates opt for part-time or correspondence courses.

Twenty-eight-year old media professional Rishabh Mehta has been working with a child education company for the last six years. Realizing the need to further his education, he decided to pursue an MBA course certification. “But quitting job was not an option for me. Luckily, my firm in collaboration with Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM) was offering an online entrepreneurship course programme called Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management (DEM), where programme studies were conducted through live online sessions.”

Like Rishabh, various working professionals are increasingly opting for these online distance-learning management programmes. These programmes are offered using virtual platforms such as learning management systems, online video lectures, e-library, etc. with complete access to exclusively dedicated tutors to help solve academic queries timely. “The faculty from ISBM would run us through the subjects through online video lectures and access to our study material was too online. We were allowed to ask questions and present our viewpoints like a normal classroom session,” recalls Rishabh.

Stressing on the importance of quality learning, Dr. Vinay Agrawal, Executive Director, Indian School of Business Management and Administration, says, “These online distance yet learning-intensive courses focus on selective modules and implementation. Such courses are convenient for working executives. There is no financial instability requirement for the candidate or the requirement for geographical relocation. A student sitting in Los Angeles can attend the online classes and study their course material online.”

Nobody likes to work at the same job throughout their lives and nobody is completely satisfied by their current salaries and the minor percentage of increment each year.  In such cases candidates need to make changes by enhancing your current career or advance to a new career that pays better and offers better employee benefits.

Remarkably, individuals who carry more number of working experience in terms of years in their specific field, earn exclusively more. While holding higher course certifications, it creates leverage and supports the earning capacity accordingly. A Graduate’s course certification can help an individual earn more in comparison to the one who holds an associate certificate in the similar subject. This is gradually taken higher and higher depending upon the value of the certificate, Master’s programme can fetch higher salary than a Graduate’s course certification holder and thus a Doctorate has higher value than all the other programmes. 

Although these facts are not always true, but the current market situation demands the same. The market is very competitive; one has to have good set of skills along with the adequate working experience, exclusive knowledge and understanding to achieve greater heights in their professional careers. One has to continuously stay updated with these set of skills, experience being an extension to the accumulated knowledge over the time. It becomes quite necessary to develop job related skills in accordance to the trends. Over the time, online learning programmes has set its standard extremely high in the virtual learning process across the globe, which is flexible and allows people to gain adequate knowledge and skills without disturbing the current progression.

Job positions have their own set requirements depending on the learner’s learning capacity. It is quite important to hold a certificate of a greater value in the market due to the work competitiveness in any professional environment. Any fresher having done his masters course in management may fetch a good position in a firm than a person having done his associate or Graduate’s course with work experience. People having associate or Graduate’s certification can ensure better career progression by undergoing a master’s course.

When anyone quits their day-job and goes back to the school for learning and career progressions, few years of their earning are also lost. Moreover, with family commitments and other financial reasons that stop candidates from quitting their work, earning a certification online via distance from a reputed quality institute is the best option that provides an apt solution to continue work while simultaneously pursuing and earning a certification for a better future.

Top executives, managers and officers working with reputed organizations across the globe are now opting for management or business courses for their career advancement to the next level. 

If someone is looking for career progression to senior management position, they need to have a master and doctorate certification in business administration or other management-related courses in order to compete with and gain edge over other candidates. Everyone must definitely find a certificate programme that can help them advance in and meet their career goal.


By Dr.Vinay Agarwal

(Executive Director of ISBM, Indian School of Business Management and Administration)

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