New Technological Innovations to Improve Efficiency & Regulation of Teacher Training Across India

Nidhi Bahl updated on : 26 Sep 2015

Xchanging has been appointed by National Council For Teacher Education (India) to design and implement new e-Governance solution.

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Xchanging plc, the business technology and services provider, has been appointed by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, as its e-Governance Service Provider for the next three years, following a competitive tender process which involved  13 bidders.

In this capacity, Xchanging has designed, developed and implemented an e-Governance solution to meet their regulatory functions entailing examination of the proposals received for recognition of teacher education programmes in the country. The contract entails Xchanging to design, support and maintain a dynamic Cloud-hosted website for the NCTE.

The NCTE is a statutory body of the Government of India established to regulate, develop and promote qualitative teacher education in India in a coordinated and integrated manner. Around 10,000 applications from new institutions seeking recognition of teacher education courses have been received this year.

The existing manual procedure of completing the process of recognition of the courses takes around nine months. With the number of applications increasing every year, and also to complete the process within the shortest time possible, the NCTE was looking to work with an organisation to create e-solutions for them.

The NCTE required a comprehensive set of tools to deliver regulatory functions with a built-in work flow mechanism for all stakeholders including institutes, State Government, Central Government, Affiliating Universities and NCTE Regional Committees. The objective was to have a dynamic platform that brings transparency and timely approval on all applications, and to support the entire monitoring and evaluation process.

Juglal Singh, Member Secretary, NCTE comments: “The Council is committed to maintaining high standards in the sector of teacher education across the country. It is our endeavour to introduce technological innovations with a view to enhance efficiency and operational transparency, and to quickly cope with regulatory changes.”

Xchanging worked closely with the NCTE to understand its requirements and proposed an e-solution to streamline the various existing regulatory procedures and processes. Xchanging also redesigned NCTE’s website using free and open source software (FOSS) to minimise the total cost of ownership for the Council.

The integrated online tools are modular to enable the NCTE to plug-in new and modified workflows to accommodate amendments of any Government Acts, Norms and Standards. The solution has created interfaces for application integration, email and Content Management System (CMS), and has been designed to be flexible to support the Council’s overall e-Governance Plan over the next five years.

As an automated, one-stop destination for all NCTE entities, related processes and activities, the tool has an intuitive user interface, aligned with Indian Government e-Governance Guidelines, and a configurable look and feel to allow a personalised work experience. Real time information is disseminated to all stakeholders, providing absolute transparency.

The Council needed to work in partnership with an experienced technology service provider with deep expertise in application development, cloud hosting and support. With an employee base of nearly 4000 in India, Xchanging has operational depth in higher-value services in India where we undertake complex work for our clients.

Alok Sinha, President of Global Application and Engineering Services, Xchanging said: “We are extremely proud to have been chosen by the NCTE as its e-Governance Solution Provider. Our focus is to help the organisation adopt more efficient ways to regulate, monitor and support teacher training institutes across India. We will also work in partnership with the Council to renew its core operations, and implement new e-Governance capabilities in the most cost effective manner.”

Xchanging also has a proven track record in deploying solutions for the education market following the creation of the world’s first nation-wide School in the Cloud virtual learning platform. The project, launched in 2012 in Malaysia has connected 5.5 million students, 10,000 schools, 500,000 teachers and 4.5 million parents. Xchanging is currently looking at rolling out a similar solution in various Indian states in the near future.

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