“To Become a Successful Leader, Knowledge of Different Facets of Business and Range of Managerial Skills are a Must”

Sarika Rana updated on : 17 Jan 2017

HTCampus in tête-à-tête with Dr. Mallikarjun M, Director of Nirma University. Know how to tailor your career in Management!

Director NIRMA university Interview

- In your opinion, what are the reigning trends in the education industry?

The students are demanding greater flexibility in MBA curriculum. The quality orientation and awareness among students have increased as they prefer institutes with accreditations first. The students prefer institutes, which make them employable, as higher education in the past is no longer considered as adequate to meet corporate expectations. The institutes are providing an environment for lifelong learning are in demand.

- Do you think there has been a shift in the way education is provided to students or how students consume education? Please elaborate your answer with reasons.

The business environment has become very complex and volatile due to rapid changes in economic, political, technological, competitive, regulatory and cultural factors, which has led to a huge demand for managers with requisite knowledge and skills to handle and steer the organizations through turbulent situations. To be a successful manager, one has to be equipped with comprehensive knowledge of different facets of business and range of managerial skills which only well-managed management programmes such as the Master of Business Management (Full-Time) offered by Institute of Management, Nirma University can provide.

- As an educationist, do you think institutions are aware of the industry’s skill-set requirement?

The institutes are well aware of the industry’s skill-set requirement and hence offering value addition through curricular and co-curricular activities. The industry connect, clubs and committees, rigor and intensity of the programme help them to become industry ready.

The Master of Business Management (Full-Time) is the flagship programme of the Institute. This is highly rigorous, comprehensive and practice-oriented by design. In addition, the programme is also designed to develop students as socially responsible citizens through participation in not only curricular but also in co-curricular activities that are socially oriented. The progamme has several unique features including field courses on Managing Social Projects, close relationship with the corporate world in the delivery of the programme, emphasis on the development of soft skills, outcome based education and so on.

- According to you, what all should a student consider while choosing a college for higher education?

A student must consider the following points while choosing a college for higher education, especially management programme:

  • Recognition of the institute/university
  • Residential programme
  • Accreditation
  • Placement record
  • Campus and infrastructure
  • Quality Faculty
  • Peer Learning

- What are the USPs of studying in NIRMA University?

Our USPs are:

  1. MBA Degree Recognized by UGC
  2. Recognized by Association of Indian Universities and Association of Common Wealth Universities
  3. An environment for lifelong learning
  4. NAAC Accredited “A” Grade University
  5. 100% Campus Placement since inception -1996
  6. Residential Programme with on campus Hostel Accommodation
  7. Lush Green 110 Acre Campus with world class infrastructure
  8. Emphasis on holistic development to prepare socially responsible individuals
  9. Full-time Faculty- most with PhD

- Considering the tough competition in the higher education field, how is NIRMA striving to stand out?

We offer value for money MBA programme and have a very strong full-time faculty base with a majority of them having PhD degree.  We emphasize on all round development of students. To remain in the top league of B-Schools, the Institute has introduced Outcome-Based Education (OBE) by developing and nurturing a culture of excellence in teaching, training and research. OBE which is practiced by the leading B-schools is student/ learner-centric as compared to the traditional form of education which has always been teacher-centric. Thus, the focus is to have a clear picture of what the students should be able to do at the end of their learning experience and thereby modifying the curriculum, instructions and assessment accordingly to ensure that the learning really takes place. We offer greater course flexibility with only 50% compulsory courses and 50% electives. The workshops, guest lectures and public lectures help the students to understand best practices in industry, hence making them employable for industry.

- What are the factors that NIRMA takes into consideration when admitting students?

The following weightage will be assigned to each component of the selection process and composite scores will be computed based on the selection criteria-

  • Common Admission Test: 60%
  • Personal Interview: 20%
  • Theme Development & Presentation: 10%
  • Academic Performance: 10%

- To be placed in a top-notch company, what do you think a candidate must possess apart from theoretical knowledge?

We recognize that challenge of nurturing future leaders as the prime purpose of our programme. To achieve this objective, we make untiring efforts to nurture the students who are empowered with knowledge and skills capable of contributing significantly to their organizations; engaged and committed to their tasks and roles; entrepreneurial and willing to constantly seek new opportunities and try out new ideas and finally exhibit highest standards of ethical behavior in both their professional and personal lives.

- What would be your advice to students who are looking for options in higher education?

The students should do an extensive research about available career options and consult working professionals and teachers in the respective field. They should look for industry trends, demand for the field, own competencies and interests before taking the final decision.

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