NIT Silchar Hosts ‘Gymkhana Inter-hostel Night Football Tournament’

HTCampus Expert updated on : 17 Mar 2016

‘Gymkhana Inter-hostel Night Football Tournament’ is being conducted by NIT Silchar from March 15, 2016.

Gymkhana Inter-hostel Night Football Tournament
National Institute of Technology, Silchar is conducting ‘Gymkhana Inter-hostel Night Football Tournament’ from March 15 and will run through March 20, 2016. NIT makes its mandatory for every hostel to take part in it. 
The tournament will be played in a league format, with a total of two pools with five teams in each group.
Rules and Regulations:
  • Each team must have 11 players on the field at the beginning of each match
  • Maximum of 3 substitutes are permitted per match
  • No rolling substitution is allowed
  • One player can represent from only one (his/her parent) hostel
  • Matches are to be conducted under official FIFA rules
  • Referee’s Decision will be full and final
  • Cards will be awarded to the guilty and offside rule is to be followed as per FIFA rules
  • Participants are requested to be in the field 20 minutes prior to the stipulated match timing or else walkover point will be awarded to the opponent
  • Group Stage matches will be of 20 minutes each half. Semi Finals and 3rd Place Matches will be of 25 minutes each half and the final will comprise of 30 minutes each half. Halftime break will be of only 5 minutes in group stage and semi-final matches and 10 minutes for the finals
  • Under any circumstances fixtures won’t be changed or reshuffled
  • Win-3 Points; Lose-0 Point; Draw- 1 Point; Walkover- 3 Points with a goal difference of +3
  • In case of a draw in Semi-Finals or Final there shall be a 5-5 minutes extra time. If then also the score remains ties we will have a Penalty Shootout.
  • Fair-play, Respect, Discipline, Cooperation with the Organizing Team and Sportsmanship will be immensely appreciated
  • Any sort of violent conduct or nuisance on and off the field will not at all be tolerated and shall be reported then and there to the higher authority

Matches Schedule:

Date /Time

6-7 p.m.

7-8 p.m.

8-9 p.m.

9-10 p.m.

10.11 p.m.

March 15, 2016

Married v H6

H5 v PG

H3 v H8

H7 v H1

Married v H2

March 16, 2016

PG v H4

H3 v Married

H5 v H1

H2 v H8

PG v H7

March 17, 2016

H3 v H6

H5 v H7

Married v H8

H4 v H1

H2 v H6

March 18, 2016

H5 v H4

H3 v H2

PG v H1

H6 v H8

H7 v H4


Date /Time

6-7.15 p.m.

7.15-8.30 p.m.

8.30-9.45 p.m.

9.45-11 p.m.

March 19, 2016

Semi-Final 1(Gym)

Semi-Final 2(Gym)

SMC v NE Phoenix

Tornado v Galaxy

March 20, 2016

GH1 v GH2

Gymkhana v Faculty

3rd Place (Gym)

Final (Gym)




Source: Ghufran Alam Siddiqui, HTCampus Specialist 

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