NLDIMSR: A delighting guest session was conducted successfully

HTCampus Expert updated on : 02 Jan 2016

Various dignitaries graced the event and threw light on burning topics!

A spectacular session organized by N.L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Rearch on December 23, 2015 which was addressed by the esteemed speakers from the industry, Ms. Sucheta Dalal and Mr. Debashis Basu and was graced by NLDIMSR’s honorary secretary Shri Shaileshji Dalmia.
Ms. Sucheta Dalal, India’s numerouno business investigative journalist who cracked open the Harshad Mehta case, and who now runs the personal finance magazine moneylife, threw light on “How to be Safe with your money” and took the students of NLDIMSR for a royal ride. 
Addressing on the said topic, Ms. Dalal touched upon various aspects of the global financial crisis, its causes and effects to the common man; how an individual faces and manages risk. 
She also spoke about the various personal finances avenues that an individual man is surrounded with. She stated various scams that have occurred in the past and how the populace of our nation are susceptible to it. Research shows that ordinary people are not hard wired and so are easy victims. One can test drive a car but not a mutual fund or any other financial product and thus, a very strong need arises to be highly alert and safe with your money. Everyone has a sales pitch and one has to see through it. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Ms. Dalal also shed light on various scams, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, Binary Schemes, Nigerian Scams, Phishing and vishing, job scam, amongst the ceaseless list of counterfeit arrangements built to deceive people. She also stated tips to deal and tackle with the same. She swiftly carried the interactive session with the students and also awarded them with the precious one rupee notes that have been launched recently in the market. Ma’am truly justified every compliment given to her by ennumber of testimonials.
The second session focused on “How to be smart with your Money” and was conducted by Mr. Debashis Basu, who is an editor and Publisher of moneylife Magazine and also the Founder trustee of the moneylife Foundation. Sir put emphasis on the power of compounding which forms the very basis of being smart with the money. Sir, very beautifully, explained with various examples how savings is a key and how investing those savings is crucial for future financial planning. Savings is the first step to being rich but it is not same as investing; Investing smartly is the second step to being rich. 
It was a pleasure and honor for the students of NLDIMSR to listen to these prestigious personalities from the industry and take back a treasure of knowledge with them making it a delightful experience and one of the successful sessions hosted by NLDIMSR.
Source: Gayatri Bhatia, HTCampus Specialist

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