NLDIMSR organizes seminar on Micro-Finance Industry on 22nd August, 2015

Jayita Ekka updated on : 28 Aug 2015

The Finance Forum of NLDIMSR organized aSeminar cum case study presentation session with the L&T Microfinance team.

NLDIMSR organizes seminar on Microfinance Industry

On 22nd August 2015, the Finance Forum of NLDIMSR organized an interesting Seminar cum Case Study Presentation session in collaboration with the L&T Microfinance Team. The esteemed speaker for the seminar was Mr. R Satyanarayan, National Head, L&T Microfinance Team. He was welcomed by the Director of the Institute Prof. Dr. C.M.Dwivedi. The L&T Microfinance team also included Ms. Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Manager HR, Ms. Anumeha Chari and Mr Binitkumar Jha, Product & Strategy, MFI.

Event Details:

  • The students of NLDIMSR were provided with different case studies relating to the micro finance industry and were asked to exhibit their views on it.
  • The case studies were based on different aspects of microfinance as a source of credit, its relevance in the dairy industry, its role in the Andhra Pradesh Crisis.
  • A total of twelve teams brainstormed their mind to put across their view points from different angles and come up with innovative solutions.

Takeaways from the Seminar:

  • Mr. Satyanaran, enthralled by the presentations and solutions on the given cases, enlightened the gathering with his opinion and vast experience in this field.
  • He touched upon various aspects of microfinance industry including how the microfinance institutions functions, the role it plays in shaping the life of the people in need of micro credit, the prominence of this segment in India, challenges face by the MFI, it’s future potential, among others.

Mr. Satyanarayan also briefed the students about how L&T Microfinance functions and various initiatives taken by them in this field. Mr. Satyanaran addressed the queries raised by the students and also inspired them to broaden their vision towards the microfinance industry making it yet another knowledge exchanging successful seminar. The seminar concluded with felicitation of guests by Prof. Dr. Anil Gor.

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