NMAT Preparation Tips 2017

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Candidates appearing for NMAT 2017 can check the NMAT preparation tips to obtain a high percentile and score in the exam here.

NMAT Preparation Tips

NMAT Preparation Tips 2017 – NMAT is one of the major entrance exams in India conducted for the admission to various management programmes. NMAT 2017 is going to be conducted from October 5 to December 18, 2017 this year. So, almost one and half months are remaining for the preparation of NMAT by GMAC. Most of the candidates might have started preparing for the exam but if not then it is the high time that you should begin your preparations. It is important for the candidates to know the NMAT 2017 preparation tips to formulate the effective exam strategy to crack it with high scores. As NMAT will be comprised of three sections, candidates should focus equally on each section. As candidates can take the exam up to a maximum of three times, so there should be a gap of at least 15 days between two consecutive attempts. We suggest you to take the exam again if you are not satisfied with your performance once. Candidates should check the exam pattern of NMAT 2017 as it is important to know the structure of the entrance examination. There will a total of 120 questions which candidates will have to attempt in 120 minutes. Each section will be allotted a specific time period. As NMAT exam will be conducted in computer based mode, candidates are advised to practice as man mock test as they can on the computer.

Earlier it was conducted by Narsee Monjee Institute Management Studies. But from past few years, GMAC has taken over NMAT and it has been renamed as NMAT by GMAC exam. It is a 75-day window test and held every year for the admission into more than 20 reputed B-schools of India. Candidates can select the exam date as per their convenience. The registration process for NMAT 2017 has finished on October 3. Candidates who have not applied till now can apply through the late registration window of NMAT.

Here are some tips for the candidates who are preparing for NMAT by GMAC 2017:

NMAT by GMAC Preparations Tips 2017

NMAT by GMAC will be held in computer based mode. As it will be divided into three sections, all the sections will have a particular time limit. Therefore, you should prepare according to the time period given to a particular section.

Do a SWOT analysis

This is really important if you are preparing for an exam. SWOT stands for ‘strength, weakness, opportunities and threats’. Knowing all these things will help you in the better preparations. Solve the practice papers even if you are not well prepared. This will help you understand that where do you lack and what you are best at.

Build the strategy

Stop beating around the bushes. This is the time when you should concentrate and make strategies for the exam. Without proper study plan, you cannot get success. Recognise your weak areas and concentrate on improvising that area. Build up your strengths and work on your weaknesses. First, clear your fundamentals and then practice to boost your speed and accuracy.

Go through the syllabus and exam pattern

You should have the knowledge about NMAT 2017 Syllabus. It will help you to strategize your preparation. Divide the whole syllabus into parts and study accordingly. Mark your strong and weak points separately. If you are weak in any area, there is no need to worry about. You are having enough time to beat your weaknesses. Make a list of your weak points and try to cover them. By this way, you can keep track of what you know/don’t know and it will reduce the stress from your mind as you will be confident about the topics you've covered.

NMAT is comparatively easy from other MBA entrance exams. Most of the management entrance exams have the same syllabus, only thing differs is the exam pattern. So, it is important to know the exam pattern of NMAT 2017. Candidates can check the table below:  



No. of questions

Score Range

Time-limit (minutes)


Quantitative Skills





Language Skills





Logical Reasoning Skills







Practice online mock tests

After clearing all your doubts and basics, try to devote some time to the mock tests. You can analyze your abilities by solving mock tests. As mock tests are based on the exam pattern, you will realize your strengths and weaknesses in three sections of NMAT 2017 exam. In accordance with that, you can prepare and form the strategy for the day of the exam. You will get to know your strongest section of NMAT 2017 and therefore you can use this strategy on the day of the exam. Create the actual NMAT exam hall ambience while practicing these tests.

Section wise preparation 

NMAT by GMAC exam will have three sections. Total duration for the exam will be 120 minutes. All the sections will be divided into the separate time limit. You have to complete each section in the allotted time. After moving to the next section you cannot come back to the previous section. Therefore review all the answers within the provided time limit. You will have the choice to attempt each section as your wish. You can attempt the section first which is easy for you or less time taking.

  •  Quantitative Skills: This section will test your numerical ability. It will examine that how good you are with numbers. Data sufficiency and data analysis are an important part of this section. QA will have inquiries from Algebra, Arithmetic, Numbers and Geometry.  You can crack this segment with accuracy and practice. Try to solve and practice sample papers, study materials and other relevant books. As much as friendly you will become with calculations, chances to score well in this section will increase.
  •  Language Skills: One cannot acquire theses skills in a day. You need to learn grammar, the composition of sentences, and have a command over comprehensions. Increase your vocabulary by reading newspapers and good books. Instead of reading gossips, keep watch on the business news, editorials, columns, political and general awareness related articles, articles on social issues etc. You can also make flash cards of new words by your own and revise them daily. This will make your vocabulary richer.
  •  Logical Reasoning Skills: You should focus on verbal reasoning, decision making, arrangements, series, numerical grid, the family tree in this section. It is very time taking part which can be solved by dealing with duration and solving simple problems first. Performance in this section may vary from person to person as the question will be logical.

Manage your time

NMAT is an exam for speed and accuracy test. If you are having all the fundas with you, you can easily beat this exam. So while practicing sample paper, keep a stop watch with you. It will help you to improve your speed.

Solve previous year’s question papers

 This will give you a fair idea about the type of questions that can be asked in NMAT by GMAC 2017. So, collect questions from previous year’s NMAT exam and try to solve them.

Get familiar with not just NMAT but also the MOUSE!

 NMAT is a computer based exam. You must ensure that you solve all the mock tests on a computer. If you are not comfortable giving an exam using a computer, you can become nervous during the NMAT examination.

Group Study

 Make study groups if they work for you. Studying with students of the same mindset helps you keep hold of more of what you study. But ensure that your company is as serious about NMAT preparation as you are and that you don’t end up wasting time in senseless talks!

Be disciplined

 Plan your preparation schedule and work according to it! You don’t have time to waste. It will impact your NMAT 2017 score. Being panic will not help. So get out of the fright mode and start studying NOW!


 Revise the old topics and formulae you have already covered. If you will not revise the basics and formulas, there are chances you can forget it. You may not get time in the end which can be a cause for your failure. So with the daily study, try to spend some time in the revision of such important subjects.

Books for the NMAT 2017 preparation

Along with the practice papers and mock tests. You can refer to some books for the preparations. If your basics are still not clear, search them in books and try to clear those topics. There is no need to read complete books now as there is not much time left for studying from books. It will be better if you can overcome your weaknesses using these books. Here we are mentioning the name of some books that can be helpful in the preparation of NMAT by GMAC 2017:


Name of the author

S. Chand A Complete Kit for MBA Entrance Examinations

Sanjeev Verma & J.K. Gangal

S.Chand Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations

R. S. Aggarwal

Objective General English 10,000 Plus Questions

R.S. Aggarwal & Vikas Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations

Abhijit Guha

Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

Arun Sharma

A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning

R.S Aggarwal

Ramesh Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Ashok Gupta

Ultimately, quality of your preparation will matter not the quantity. You can achieve your goal with the dedication and effort you will put in the preparations. Still, you have time and chance if you begin studying now. If you have any query related to preparation tips of NMAT by GMAC 2017, comment below.

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