Now a Mobile App to Fill Admission Forms on the Go

Vinod Sharma updated on : 10 Jun 2016

In a bid to make admission process easy, less time consuming and taxing to students in six colleges of Chandigarh, MHRD is to launch a mobile app by the next week.

College Admission Through App, App For College

In a bid to end admission related woes, Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) is likely to launch an app by next week. This app is intended to help students submit their application forms in six of the colleges in Chandigarh anytime and from anywhere using devices that run on android systems.

This app is a next step in the online admission process which many of the universities, colleges and institutes are following currently. Delhi University has recently introduced the online admission process and the registrations through it are on currently.

The move is initiated by the UT higher education department in the ministry of MHRD. The application will herald a new era in the current education system and the way we fill in the application forms for admission in institutes nowadays.

In addition to the app, an e-banking facility will also be available for the first time this year for students in six colleges that will accept applications from mobile phones. The app will contain all the admission related features available on the websites of six government colleges in the city accepting applications through the app.

The process will make the admission process easier, convenient, less time consuming and above all, hassle free for students. They now need not stand in the queues to take the admission form at first, then to fill it manually, fall in the queue again to submit the fee and then the application form.


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