Pursue Two Degrees Simultaneously Through Distance Education

Nidhi updated on : 21 Nov 2017

The Distance Education Council (DEC) has taken the decision to allow students to pursue more than one course at a time. Read on to find out more.

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In order to promote Distance Education in India, the Distance Education Council (DEC) has decided that students can now pursue two-degree programmes simultaneously.

The council also said that students can pursue two programmes simultaneously through a combination of distance and regular modes.

However, the two-degree programme cannot be pursued through regular modes, reported a leading daily.

The decision taken by DEC was communicated to UPRTOU vice-chancellor Prof AK Bakshi, who said a student cannot enrol for two-degree courses at the same time. However, he added that students can do the same through distance or combination of distance and regular modes from the same or different institution.

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"There are a large number of students in our institutions who wanted to pursue more than one course at a time but were not able to do so because of various constraints. But after the DEC's decision, students can now secure admission in more than one course,” Prof Bakshi.

The DEC has also given the choice of some other combinations, including one degree and diploma/postgraduate diploma/certificate.

Similarly, a student can enrol for one postgraduate diploma and one diploma/certificate, one diploma and one certificate, two postgraduate diplomas, two diplomas and two certificate courses.

These varied choices of combination to pursue dual degrees/ diplomas will ensure that in a short time, students can make the most of their distance education. Since distance education anyways leaves the student with the flexibility and freedom to pursue their course as per their will and comfort, and that leaves the student with a lot of time to pursue other things. This move will ensure that students are able to utilise their free time and pursue more degrees, adding more skills and learning way more than in a single degree.

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About University Grants Commission:

The University Grants Commission of India (UGC) is a statutory body which is an Indian Union Government body, as per the UGC Act of 1956.  UGC falls under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development and is responsible for the standards and quality of higher education in India and manage all the factors responsible for it. 

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