10 Popular Part Time Jobs for College Students

Vinod Sharma updated on : 17 May 2016

Those of you who’re looking for the best part time jobs for college students might find the ones listed in this article worth giving a shot.

Being a college student, if you are little more curious than your peers are to explore the part time jobs for college students, you can earn good bucks and gain some work experience too. Although you have to walk the extra mile to cope up with the college life and job, yet earning extra money will make you happy at the end of the day. As you earn while you learn, it enables you to meet financial expenses other than giving a great sense of satisfaction. You have not to rely on your parents for financial support to party hard, go on a date, buy a gift on your friend’s birthday or meet your other expenses. Now you can answer the plight of your empty pockets… all on your own!

1. Freelance Writing

Those of you out there who’ve that knack to put thoughts nicely on any topic can go for freelance writing jobs available in plenty in the online market. This one of the best part time jobs for college students does not require you to step out of your home to look for a job. You can search online for companies that offer freelance wiring jobs at decent prices. Once you find one, the next thing you need is an active internet connection and a laptop/desktop to work from home. Freelance writing job will give you some easy money right from the convenience of your living space.

2. Blogging

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Like freelance writing, blogging is one of the best part time jobs for college students. You can get paid good writing for reputable blogs or start one on your own. If you have little understanding of technical part and can manage some minor technical jobs on your own, Wordpress offers an easy to operate platform to run a blog easily from home. Even if you know nothing about the technical part, don’t worry. You can go to blogger.com where you get free .blogspot sub-domain and free hosting. This means you can start without investing a single penny. Even with little knowledge of blogging, user tastes and trending topics, you can earn decent moolah without stepping out of your home.

3. Data entry

If you are from IT background and/or have a good typing speed, you can sign-up for a data entry job online or can go for offline office locations to take the projects. In either of the two cases, you have the freedom to work on your own disposal. One of the highly pursued part time jobs for college students, data entry demands accuracy of entries made and completing projects on time. As you move ahead, master the art and mature in the industry, possibilities to earn more increase considerably.  

4. Giving tuitions

Those who want to earn decent money without missing your college classes can give tuitions in the morning and evening sessions. Teaching is popular as one of the part time jobs for college students even when the online job options were not available. Other than refreshing your knowledge, this age-old practice enables you to earn a good amount of money during college days.

5. Waiter/waitresses

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Most of you might surely know that big food brands, food chains and coffee shops like Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Mc. Donalds have regular openings to serve their clients in a better way. Based on the shift hours that suit your college timings, you can join any of the best paying hotel, food or coffee chains. Although working as waiter/waitress might not sound one of the elegant part time jobs for college students, yet working for these brands doesn’t sound that bad either.

6. Tour guide   

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Are you living in a city that has too many tourist hotspots and witness a great flux of domestic and international tourists throughout the year? What better way to earn extra money than a tour guide. However, before you become one, make sure you know all the tourist hotspots and even a single minute detail about them. Being friendly and outgoing will be an added benefit in this field and will give you an edge over others.  

7. Fitness instructor

If you are a fitness freak and frequent gym goer, you can definitely consider being a fitness instructor. One of the best part time jobs for college students, it enables them to earn enough to meet their expenses. With considerable knowledge of gym equipment, various moves and postures that are ideal for exercising, this job will be a breeze for you. You can join the morning or evening shift as a fitness instructor and what better way to earn extra cash than doing something you love from the core of your heart.

8. Library assistant

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Being a library assistant or an assistance record keeper in the college library itself or one in the neighbourhood is one of the easy and best part time jobs for college students. In most of such jobs, payment is given on hourly basis. This gives you the freedom to choose working hours based on your financial needs and time you can spare from college classes.

9. Receptionist

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Being a receptionist, answering calls throughout the shift might not sound too interesting or glamorous a job to most of us, but it does help in paying bills for sure. You can look for a receptionist job in your vicinity, at places easily accessible and safe to devote your extra time. Ranging from multinationals to funded start-ups, companies need receptionist. This one of the best part time jobs for college students demands candidates to prove fluency in the desired language and should be able to deal with the different things at the same time.

10. Disc Jockey (DJ)

This job is simply the best for those who’ve considerable penchant and likings for music. Being a disc jockey, you need to remain abreast with the latest music numbers and trends that young generation is more inclined towards. The job of a disc jockey demands one to have a dynamic and charismatic personality. Other than this, a great collection of records aside from an art of scratching and mixing is what you need to be a professional disc jockey. This one of the different but high paying part time jobs for college students will surely help you earn some extra cash to meet your daily expenses.  


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