Pearl Academy Launches 'School of Media and Journalism'

HTCampus Expert updated on : 17 Jan 2017

The field of mass communication has many options for students who wish to make a career in TV, publishing, PR, journalism, publishing, advertising, films, etc.

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The pen is mightier than the sword. Or nowadays, pixels too, because you can't ignore the role of digital media in the field of journalism. Over the last few years, the world has witnessed an explosive growth in communication technology and media. As boundaries have blurred and the entire global community seems to have converged on the Internet, media and journalism as career options have become important.

Skills needed for a career in Media and Journalism

Traditionally, people with above average communication skills and/or a degree in literature were considered to be ideal candidates for journalism and media studies. However, with the advent of technology, skilled professionals are required to work fast and efficiently to convey the message to the intended audience. There are many blogs and self-qualified ‘experts’ nowadays but it only takes someone with professional training to make a mark in this field.

One should be inquisitive, alert and confident. He/she should have a way with words and should be able to express his/her thoughts to a varied audience clearly and concisely.

Job Prospects in Media and Journalism

A professional qualification opens up doors for a career in TV, publishing, PR, journalism, publishing, advertising, films, etc. In India, there are not enough avenues for a person seeking a professional, educational degree in media or journalism. Identifying this gap, Pearl Academy has launched School of Media and Journalism, which offers courses in these fields:

Undergraduate courses:

1. UG Pathway in Journalism and Mass Media
2. UG Pathway in Fashion Media Communication

Postgraduate diploma courses:

1. Journalism and Mass Media
2. Fashion Communication

1 year Certificate courses:

1. Professional Photography
2. Photography

Please visit the Pearl Academy website for detailed information on these courses.


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