How to Prepare for JEE (Advanced)?

Dhanshri Sharma updated on : 01 Sep 2016

If you are planning to appear for JEE Advanced exam next year, then here are some tips and tricks for JEE Advanced that one should keep in mind.

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The JEE (Advanced) is among the toughest of examinations in Indian academia. Clearing this examination with a high All India Rank (AIR) opens the doors to India’s best institutions for technology studies – the IITs.

JEE (Advanced) constitutes the second stage in the admission process for the IITs and even getting to appear for this examination after clearing the first stage – the JEE(Main) – is itself a matter of prestige.

Exclusively for you readers, we draw upon the years of experience of our experts to compile this advice to help you secure that coveted admission.

Ensure a Head Start: Don’t begin your preparations for JEE (Advanced) after you receive the JEE (Main) score. You need to study regularly from start, during the crucial XIth and XIIth  years.

Understand the concepts well:

The syllabus is huge and questions are unending, but if you have understood the application of fundamental concepts underlying the questions, you will certainly do well.

Have acomprehensive strategic plan:

Preparing for the JEE (Advanced) is like preparing for war – you need a clear strategy for success. Allocate appropriate time for both – Boards and JEE.Utilizevacation time to advantage, cover the entire syllabus in advance and plan for a complete revision thereafter.

Set a Daily Target: 

Assign reasonable goals for yourself dailyincluding therein learning and revision. This will boost your confidence and will avoid wastage of precious time. Don’t set unrealistic promises and goals since failure to achieve these can demoralize your spirit.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses:

Each student is different – if somebody understands the concepts of Chemistry nicely, another may take to Mathematics like fish to water. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and maximize the scores in strong areas while limiting the losses in weak areas. Discuss your studies with friends, team up with someone good at what you are weak in and offer your help in your strong areas in return.

Subject yourself to mock tests:

Want to gain confidence right before the exam?  Take mock tests. Mock tests help you figure out where you stand in terms of preparations and how should you proceed from there on. They not only bring the weaker areas out but also save time on focusing where you need to work hard. Also the tests will help you in managing time.

Eat right and sleep well:

Don’t compromise on your sleep ever. Studying for long hours might leave you sleep deprived and with a feeling of disinterest in studies. A health body with a sound mind will help you tackle problems better and will take you towards achieving your dream.

Mind control:

This is a grueling examination –maintain an optimistic outlook, remain focused on your goal, and withstrong motivation, perseverance and determination keep progressing despite temporary reverses. That winner’s attitude is what sets successful candidates apart – May we see you win with grace and confidence!


Contribution By: Mohit Goel, CEO, Yukti

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