Production & Neuron Infinity Team of Engineering Students of LNCT Bhopal

HTCampus Expert updated on : 01 Oct 2015

Team members excel in various fields such as computer programming, web development, photography, GFX, VFX and related fields

The Awesomers Production & Neuron infinity is a team of engineering students of LNCT, Bhopal which started with team of six members and has expanded to 18 members till date. The team members excel in various fields such as computer programming, web development, photography, cinematography, GFX, VFX, music composing, short movie making etc. The aim of this team is to have a special experience in the field of their interest which is not taught in schools /colleges, to make one perfect in that field and present to the world with an additional skill.

The main focus of the team is to learn new things and then apply it to real life. The team runs on equal contribution from each member. They collaborate with different organizations and help them with their working while expecting proper exposure for the team in return. The current collaborations are those with some NGO and groups who work for social welfare, namely Project Malhaar, Scio foundation, Uddip, Raahat. Apart from collaborations, the team also focuses on innovations and also aims to promote new ideas and further tries to implement them.


The team’s motto is: “We fascinate people by our creations, and bring people in the magnificent and unexplored world of computers. We just simply do the challenging tasks, because "INFINITY IS OUR LIMIT" & “WE FEEL, BELIEVE AND CREATE.”

The team members are Utsav Soni, Pulkit Walia, Mayur Jain, Shubhanshu Jain, Prakansh Jain, Tanay Saraf, Ajay Thakur, Abhishek Verma, Sakshi Gupta, Gourav Tiwari, Himanshu Singh, Aman Srivastava, Devyani Ghormare, Rohit Garg, Ritu Sharma, Palak Shrivastava, Mohit Rathore, Pooja Verma and Poornima Singh Rajawat.

Source: Prashant Kumar Mudiya, HT Campus Specialist

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