Punjab To Generate 2 Lakh Jobs in the IT Sector?

Anjani Chaand updated on : 29 Oct 2015

Promoting Biosciences and Medical Tourism will be the key to development along with better connectivity provided through 4G broadband network

Punjab is expected to generate 2 lakh jobs in the Information Technology (IT) sector in next two years. The launch of 4G broadband network will be a big boost to the IT sector and Punjab will be the first state in the country to have all the villages and schools connected with the 4G network in the days to come.

The announcement was made by Mukesh Ambani, Chairman Reliance Industries in the second Progressive Punjab Investment Summit that his company will make every village and school of Punjab enabled with 4G network.

The announcement of 4G connectivity changed the discourse of IT session with every delegate focusing on the benefits of IT & ITES to the villages, empowering the village youth with new IT enabled technology, expanding the e-commerce and e-trade network to every village, linking all 1,617 agriculture marketing centres that are handling Asia's biggest procurement process twice a year and making Punjab IT hub of South-East Asia.

Sridhar Mitta founder and MD Next Wealth Entrepreneurs with 48 years of experience in IT service, said Punjab with highly skilled computer literate human resources backup has potential to generate 2 lakh jobs in IT sector alone in next 2 years. He said that 4G penetration in Punjab rural area would be a game changer for the industrial growth of the state with every village home becoming a IT module with in next two years.

Poland to double investment in Agro Processing in Punjab:

Poland and Punjab vowed to rewrite a new chapter of industrial growth with Poland offering latest state-of-the-art technology for food processing industry besides evolving a new vision for agriculture growth for the food bowl of India.

Inaugurating the session, Witold Jerzy Pietrewicz, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy said that Poland was quiet enthused with the partnership with food bowl of India i.e. Punjab and said that with the agriculture growth of Punjab and technology of Poland, Punjab can become food processing hub that can meet the processed food requirements of 50 per cent of Asia.

Offering to double its investment to food processing sector, he said that Punjabis and Polish shared the qualities of entrepreneurship.

He said, Poland has also signed a MoU between Punjab and Lublin to give a boost to business ties especially in agriculture and food processing sectors.

Punjab is set to become the incubator of Biosciences hub of the 21st century with pillars of one of the finest Bioscience Centres fueling its growth. The Kings College London's MoU to set up Bioscience University in Education City will attract world's bioscience industry to new Chandigarh opening vistas of employment in the field of pharmaceuticals, academia and research & development.

Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, the Chairperson and CEO IKP Hyderabad, said that Punjab was blessed to have skilled human resources and atmosphere for research and academia in the neighborhood to promote biotechnology sector technology transfer, research and development etc.

For medical tourism, delegates in technical session of Health and Medical Care stressed on the need for exploiting the potential of opening of Indo-Pak border on Attari side.

The delegates said that Punjab with highest per capita spending power has the greatest potential to expand state-of-art medical sciences institutes in the State. They opined that with health infrastructure with Pakistan and Afghanistan crumbling, Punjab being the border State linked with land route through Attari was the best place to promote medical tourism in the country.

During one of sessions on Health Towards Better Access, the Punjab Government today signed an MoU with Inscol to set up health care centers of excellence.

Punjab to promote farmers to be tourism operator:

Punjab unveiled model of Farm Tourism that was providing unique opportunity to city residents and non-resident Indians to enjoy the rural environment, living in a rural home enjoying the lush green environments of farms besides tasting wood oven baked Punjabi dishes.

The technical session in the Progressive Punjab Investment Summit on "Tourism Business Opportunities in Punjab" deliberated in detail the uniqueness of new model that has involved rural folk in it turning rural farmers' successful tourism operators.

It was discussed that how farmers' having farm houses were promoting farm tourism through online media booking the tourist groups and making a tourism circuit for group of foreign tourists.

The scope of integrating farm tourism with pilgrimage tourism was also discussed in the session and it was felt that efforts of State Government to popularise pilgrimage circuit besides memorial like Baba Banda Singh Bahadur at Chapparchiri, Chhota Ghallughara and Vadda Ghallughara were attracting Punjabi Diaspora, who want to educate their children regarding the cultural heritage of their parent state.

Source: Pioneer

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