Quick Essay Writing Tips for XAT 2018

Rajat updated on : 01 Sep 2017

Candidates will have to write an impressive essay to crack XAT 2018. Read out the guidelines and quick essay writing tips for XAT 2018.

Quick Essay Writing Tips for XAT 2018

Xavier Aptitude Test is conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur every year and is among the famous MBA admission exam in the country. Apart from main sections (which other MBA entrance examinations contain), XAT candidates are required to write essay on any given topic. XAT candidates need to write an essay in the second part of the paper, unlike other famous MBA entrance examinations. Being a tricky part of the paper for the candidates, this part carries great weightage of marks. There is around 200 word limit for this exam and the candidates need complete essay writing task within a total time of 20 minutes. Candidates need to keep in mind that they have to structure the essay in a proper format and they need to include all the important points in the essay which can make the essay quite impressive. Avoid adding too many points. Doing so, essay may lose its real sense and may deviate from its main subject. In this article, we bring some effective essay writing tips for XAT.

Essay writing section in XAT is an integral part of the examination. Candidates are required to give their best shot of whatever they have prepared for this section in around 20 minutes. This section often remains a trouble for the students. However, the topics asked to write an essay on may seem very easy but its framing the best essay with every point in just 200 words. Though, this part of Xavier Aptitude Test may look same to WAT (Written Ability Test) which IIMs conduct for admission. The only difference that XLRI conducts essay writing for every candidates who is appearing in the examination while IIMs only ask the GD – PI shortlisted candidates to write do essay writing task. When it comes to calculating the percentile score, XAT doesn’t count essay writing score.

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Essay Writing Tips for XAT

It is very important for the candidate to make the best use of 20 minutes to do an impressive writing for XAT. Your essay should reflect your subject matter knowledge and understanding of the topic. Following is a list of essay writing tips for XAT which every XAT aspirant should follow to score well in XAT essay writing.

  • Your Essay Should Have a Well Defined Format

First of all you need to think quickly on few things before you start starting XAT essay. You need to strategize the structure of your article; you can roughly draw a sketch on the rough part of your short, including your opening (intro), body, conclusion etc. As every essay has a definite shape and structure, and it should look impressive so that it may bring you good marks.

  1. Introduction of Essay: The very first part is to start with an introduction. You should do a proper analysis of topic and should arrange every required point. And then start with a beautiful introduction which can keep the reader glued to your essay. Don’t add anything boring. The topic sentence of your essay has to be catchy as it is the first sentence of the paragraph which will express the main idea of your entire essay.
  2. Body of Essay: You can make the body in at least two paragraphs. The thing you need to take care is that you need to correlate the body of the essay with the introduction which you have written. When you conclude the body, you should conclude it with the hint that the essay isn’t over yet. So that it can keep the reader interested in your writing.
  3. Conclusion of Essay: A very important part of the structure, your efforts depend on this part. You should know that the examiner will read your conclusion and will judge the entire process on the basis of conclusion; hence it has to be very effective and influential. Make sure that there is a definite synchronization from beginning to the ending of your essay.
  • Proper Use of Words, Facts and Information

Avoid using anything which you aren’t sure of, it can be a fact or any other piece of information. It’s better if you prepare for vocabulary, keeping essay writing in mind. Moreover, your subject matter knowledge has to be very deep so that you can write a wonderful piece of essay. Practice the major topics in trends. You can find out the basic exam pattern of XAT essay writing from sample papers and previous years’ paper s of XAT.  Use of phrases can add beauty to your essay but again avoid anything which you aren’t sure of. Hence, you need to develop a habit of essay writing from now onwards if you haven’t done so far.

Things to remember while writing XAT essay

  • Subject matter knowledge
  • Thought clarity
  • Flow of ideas
  • Examples and facts
  • Correct grammar usage
  • Correct vocab usage
  • Clear and easy to understand hand writing

Easy Tips on XAT Essay Writing

  • You should always write your essay in paragraphs.
  • Avoid making too lengthy paragraphs as it may break the attention of reading.
  • You need to learn the art of impressive essay writing.
  • Keep reading informative articles on internet, newspaper and magazines.
  • Keep dictionary and build your own vocabulary which can be used in essay writing.
  • Usage proper grammar, sentence structure and words. Using wrong/inappropriate words will make your essay lose its influence.
  • Avoid using slags, cliché, abbreviations.
  • Don’t put quotations if you don’t know the sources/acknowledgement.

Let us have a look at XAT essay writing topics which previously have been used

The table below contains some of the topics of essay writing which have been previously asked in XAT.

XAT Year

XAT Essay Writing Topic


Ships are safer in the harbour. But they are not meant for the same


Economic growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence


Indian economy in the Post WTO Era


To give real service, one needs to add something that can’t be bought or measured, like sincerity and integrity


Asked at the age of 83, as to which of his project would he choose as his master piece, Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect answered, The next one


More than one billion Indians: A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunity


India has one of the largest pool of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products


Economic growth without environmental damage – a mirage or a reality


Gender imbalance would lead to WW III


The Inherent vice of Capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings and inherent virtue of Socialism is equal sharing of misery


Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed


The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals would not only load himself with most unnecessary attention but assume an authority which could safely be trusted to no council and senate whatever and which would nowhere to be so dangerous as in the hands of man who has folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it


Poverty is a consequence of failure of government policies due to the fact that governments don’t target the root causes.

Poverty is a big menace in India. Due to its complexity and magnitude, most of the government initiative fail


Corruption is the root cause of economic slowdown in India


Technology and nature are natural enemies

What are the expected XAT Essay Writing Topics 2018?

It is expected that the topics asked in XAT 2018 should be around recent political debates, current affairs and any other important event that have happened this year. Here, we have prepared a list of expected XAT essay writing topics 2018. Hence, candidates should focus on practising around these topics of essay writing.

  • Competition is not a struggle but a war which one has to win
  • Listening is a dying art
  • To dream by night is to escape life, to dream by day is to make it happen
  • Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships
  • Activism in India is the key to survival of democracy
  • It is the society that bears the brunt of terrorism

In order to prepare for XAT essay writing, you need to read newspapers, editorials, magazines regularly. This will not only enhance essay writing skills but also will help you in strengthening your vocabulary and reading ability. You can read online news websites, non – fiction books.

While you sit for writing an article, you need to focus on few things mentioned below:

  • Structure of Sentences: The selection of words and structure of sentences has to be very proper, concise and easy to understand.
  • Proofreading: Before you finish your essay, always do proofreading thoroughly. This will eliminate the chance so any error (verbal, grammatical etc.).
  • Coherence and Cogency: Whatever you write, it should be in a rhythm, and your thoughts should flow smoothly and there has to relevancy with everything. Don’t deviate from your path while writing. Keep a flow, don’t add anything all of sudden.

A well-structured and well planned essay is always impressive and interesting. It doesn’t happen always that you know everything but in your essay you can show that you are meticulous in the way you approach for writing essay. The essay which you will write, will provide valuable insight into your mind, hence this test is conducted to check your social and ethical values. In B – schools, essay writing is used as pre – interview yardstick. The panel will check your logical hints, concentration, transparency of thoughts etc. through your essay. There will be so many things to be checked in the essay which will reflect your personality.

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