Rajasthan Government Announces Cash Incentives to Promote Girl Child Education

Dushyant Vanaik updated on : 22 Aug 2016

To promote girl child education Rajasthan government will provide cash incentives for those going to government schools.

Cash Incentives to Promote Girl Child Education

The education department under the Rajasthan state government has provided a major boost for the girl child, by giving cash incentives to all those who are going to government schools. The amount will directly be transferred into the accounts of the beneficiaries, which is categorised at four levels. For every girl who joins Class I, INR 4000 will be deposited to the respective account. Girls enrolling in Class VI will get INR 5000. The girls who clear Class X and XII, they will get an amount of INR 11,000 and INR 25,000, respectively.

To sum it up, a girl who takes admission in class I in the academic session of 2016-17 shall receive a total amount of INR 51,000 by the time she passes class XII. An estimate of 60,000 girls enrolled in class I in 2016.

The scheme is aimed to bridge the gender gap in education by a long way. As per the data, girls accounted for only 61 lac in comparison to 72 lac boys, out of a total of 1.33 crore enrolments in 2015-16. In comparison to the national average of 94 girls for every 100 boys, the Rajasthan state is much below at 84 girls per 100 boys.

In the coming years, the state is aiming to bridge the difference to at least 90 girls per 100 boys. This scheme will go a long way in promoting girls towards education, especially those coming from rural backgrounds. The incentive is bound to encourage parents to educate their girl child.

Other schemes already running in the state along with this are scholarships and distribution of bicycles. This is a great vision from the state government and will help in bridging the gender ratio.

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