‘Research Opportunities in Life Sciences Have Increased’

Kritika Sharma updated on : 17 Mar 2016

Dr M Surekja Reddy, principal of RBVRR Women’s College talks about a promising future of a career in life science courses

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Dr M Surekha Reddy, principal of RBVRR Women's College, says research opportunities in life sciences have increased. Now life sciences graduates have more institutes that offer research fellowships and scholarships in India. In a chat with Express, she throws light on the subject.

The proposed CBCS may usher in new combination courses in all streams. Do you think it will help life science graduates?

It helps to study different subjects in any stream. But life science courses already have many combination courses. Apart from the conventional courses like Botany, Zoology and Chemistry, we also have many combinations of life sciences with Chemistry being the common subject. For instance, there are courses with Chemistry being clubbed with Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Food Technologies. But all these courses are available only at the graduate level. PG courses rather focus on particular specialisation.

What are the institutes that offer best combination courses in life sciences in India?

All state and central universities offer these combination courses. Osmania University and Kakatiya University have been offering these courses for long time. There are many jobs for science students in research and teaching fields. But they require the students to have a Ph.D degree.

India is producing very few research papers in science. What do you think our universities are lacking?

It's true that we are lagging behind in producing quality research papers in life sciences. Though we have enough resources, universities are lacking effective scientific leadership. Many factors have impact on this situation. Perhaps, this is the reason many of our students go abroad for research and jobs. But the situation is slowly changing. The government is focusing on research and education. More projects are coming to our institutes. This might bring many of the students back to India.

Source: New Indian Express

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