The Rise of New-Age Careers in Media

Hina Yadav updated on : 02 May 2017

Media as an industry is constantly evolving, adding new careers options to its ever-expanding employment pool.

New age careers in the Media Industry

Gone are the days when journalism meant being a news reporter at the 9 pm prime time show, or standing outside the parliament reporting recent political developments. The field of mass communication is no longer limited to the television industry or working for a newspaper. A lot has changed in the media industry in the last couple of years, and opportunities within this domain have grown by leaps and bounds.

Over the last decade, the digital revolution has not just changed the way we interact but has also made it extremely easier to access and share information from any corner of the world. With the advent of Internet and Social Media, students of journalism and mass communication have found a whole new world of career opportunities.

Let us take you through some of the newest, emerging career opportunities that have opened up in the field of journalism and mass communication:

Travel Journalism:

A very novice and interesting field, travel journalism is really picking its pace in the media world. While travel journalism doesn’t require any specific education qualification, it is best suited for those who have a knack for describing things, events and places and of course, a passion for travelling. Many travel websites like Tripoto write about travelling and places around the globe. The contributors to such websites are travel writers. Travel journalists have just two main jobs; travel and write about it. Those who aspire to be travel journalists must have a curious and open mind to explore and try new things and places. The most important quality and skill of a travel writer is to be able to make their readers travel through their words and pages.
An added photography skill is a big boost to a travel journalist’s career since it allows them to capture and communicate their experiences, visually. Although, photography is another career in itself. Let’s talk more about it!


‘A picture says a thousand words’ – This quote never gets hold and has proven true time and again. Photojournalism is all about describing and communicating news and events through photographs and visual images. Digital media has opened doors for all amateur and professional photographers to reach wider audiences and tell their stories through photographs. To pursue photojournalism, one must be passionate about photography with a knack for creativity and imagination. It’s also important to be well aware and knowledgeable about the technicalities and the various aspects that go into photography.

Freelance/Content Writing:

Everyone and everything has a digital presence nowadays. It is said that the digital space is growing so rapidly, that if you don’t have a digital presence yet, you’re already late and way behind the game. To make a presence in the digital space, companies and organisations are on the lookout for creative writers. This area of writing is called content writing. Writing any form of content for an organisation’s digital platform, to enhance their digital presence is all part of content writing.

Freelance writing is also becoming popular these days due to the convenience of work time, place and amount of work. Writers who wish to work in the comfort of their home can apply for part-time and freelance jobs where writers are required to match certain targets and get paid as per the industry rates. Freelancing is really popular among people who are trying to build their portfolio, gather work experience or wish to work part-time. If you’re passionate about writing, this is one area where you could enhance your skills, while pursuing further studies or hobbies.

Social Media Expert:

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. has become the first point of news nowadays. The art of writing crisp, short, the attractive news is another profession and field of expertise altogether. What goes up on social media should have the tendency to go viral and attract and serve the maximum target audience. Social media reporting is not only carried out in news organisations but is also a part of the Public Relations and corporate communication activities of any organisation. This is one area which is currently witnessing some heavy recruitment and is emerging as a sub-branch in journalism careers.

Communications Expert:

Communication is the foundation of journalism and mass communication careers, but the quality and effective communication is an expertise, which few are masters of. Becoming a communications expert means, specialising in how to effectively communicate a message to a particular audience. This field is in great demand in corporate organisations, advertising, public relation agencies, corporate communication, etc. What kind of message is going to strike chords with the public, which is the best way to approach it, how to project it? These are the questions that a communications expert finds answers to.

Documentary Filmmaking:

This area of mass communication is really picking up its pace and documentaries are now getting the big screen recognition and fame. With so much happening around the world, diverse cultures, people, etc. and the thirst to know more, documentary filmmaking has begun capturing the smallest of things to the biggest revelations in the world. There are several upcoming documentary filmmakers who have started their own production houses and are constantly producing documentary films, giving a push to this creative profession.

The days of documentary filmmaking being considered as a low paying job are gone. Many news organisations produce their own documentaries and this has become an upcoming profession. Documentaries have also picked up pace now that there is easy access to these films, owing to the Internet.

The traditional journalism and mass communication careers like newpaper journalist, cameraman, photographer, broadcast journalist, news reporter, etc. are still popular. However, new age careers and opportunities have found a place in the employment market due to an increase in Internet penetration in our daily lives. The basic education for all the above listed remains the same but now there is a lot more to do with that journalism and mass communication qualification!

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