Sandip University – An All-Inclusive Mini Town of Learning

HTCampus Expert updated on : 16 Mar 2017

Sandip University is a UGC approved private University where students get to pursue a host of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral educational programmes.

Sandip University

“Sometimes one is unable to appreciate what he is receiving” 

These are the words of an ex-student, who attributed his career success to what he learned during his college days. He asserted that while pursuing his study, the contributions of his college especially his teachers was paramount in building his career. Nostalgically, he voiced that it was during that period, he transformed as a person and received the inkling of what to pursue as a career ahead.

So, choosing an important college to study is vital, but students often get confused with the plethora of programme choices and different colleges in India. The need is of one Umbrella university, under whom many such different schools of study can be pursued by students.

Sandip University is one such UGC approved private University where under its bevy of individual schools, resident students get to pursue a host of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral educational programmes.

Set up in June, 2016 it is spread in a 250+ acre campus in Nashik, Maharashtra. Here, its large infrastructure is completely stunning and has in-house amenities like sports campus, organic cafeteria, hostels, high security and much more making it at par with the best universities in the world.

Sandip University stands for integrity, excellence and bringing about holistic development in the student. These are further aided by five pillars of higher education that include:

1. Access through student centric education.

2. Concept through teaching-learning.

3. Creation through research.

4. Services through vocation.

Presence of resident faculty, ultra-modern labs for computers, and sciences and other learning aids all make it an all inclusive mini town of learning.

In addition to this, each of the programmes have a unique syllabus that is refreshed each year, as per the Industry need.

Graduating students often come back with memories of the institute often remembering it as the place that firmly gave them a real education.


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