School under Delhi Metro Bridge Offering Free Education to Poor Children

Nishatha Abraham Bijeesh updated on : 09 Jun 2014

The story of a shopkeeper in Delhi who offers free education to slum children, under a Delhi Metro bridge!

School under Delhi Metro Bridge Free Education

This is the story of how an ordinary man with an ordinary day job at a general store in Shakarpur, Delhi decided to do an extraordinary thing - he began teaching poor children from the nearby slums at a free school he set up for them under the Delhi Metro bridge. At least 30 such children have been receiving free education from this school for the last few years.

For two hours every weekday, Rajesh Kumar Sharma, leaves his job at a general store in Shakarpur -- his brother looks after the shop in his absence – and heads towards the “school under the bridge”.

Sharma, a 40-year-old father of three from Aligarh, was forced to drop out of college in his third year due to financial difficulties. He decided to start the free school as he didn't want other children to face the same difficulties he had.

“Whenever I passed by this area, I would notice that children were spending all their time in the fields or playing around,” he told reporters.
He eventually managed to convince the local laborers and farmers to allow their children to attend his school instead of making them work to contribute to the family income. He hopes to provide these children with basic education that is essential to help them overcome their poverty.

"The children come here every day. I manage to keep them ahead of the school curriculum," says Sharma.He even allows children technically too young to attend the government school to sit in the classroom.

Sharma starts at the basics and helps prepare the children for admission to government schools. When he started the school, he had 140 students. Now 70 of them are in government schools, reported Yahoo News.

"Our teacher has told us that when poverty strikes, you should open your mind, and that can be done only through education," Abhishek, 15, a student of Sharma's told the Indian Express.

His work isn't limited to the school under the bridge, though. Sharma has been teaching underprivileged children in other parts of the city as well. “I mostly taught laborers’ children. As they moved from site to site, it got difficult to follow them everywhere,” he said.

Laxmi Chandra, a postgraduate in science, also helps out at the school. “I don’t take attendance. They love coming here because there are no school-like boundaries. In fact, I want to keep it like that,” Chandra told the Indian Express.

Sharma says his greatest achievement is changing the attitude of his students' parents. Many of them now encourage their children to study. “They understand that if children in the villages in the interiors of the country can go to schools, why not in the national capital.”

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