Scientists at Amity University Develop Environment Friendly Fly Ash Battery

HTCampus Expert updated on : 25 Sep 2015

To overcome the drawbacks of lithium ion batteries, rechargeable and cost effective battery system from waste material has been developed

Scientists of Amity University, Noida have developed an eco friendly battery system from waste material that is a novel ash and activated carbon based battery comprising of aluminium anode, amorphous carbon with graphite as a cathode and ash.

The driving force behind the development of these batteries is the increasing demand of batteries as a human dependency and the toxic and expensive nature of lithium ion batteries.

Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd., Noida has licensed this technology. It is the largest solar producer and one of the top three companies in renewable energy sector of India.

The Technology Transfer Agreement was signed between Mr. S.L. Kapur- President, Engineering, Welspun Energy Limited and Dr. B.L. Arya- Registrar, Amity University in the presence of the dignitaries of the university, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation and Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University expressed his gratitude towards Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd. for believing in them and the scientific prowess of the university towards introducing revolutionary technology for the betterment of the society.

Mr. S.L. Kapur, on the other hand, spoke about the research and development initiatives that are being carried out in the area of renewable energy and other joint industry projects and consultations.

The battery which has been developed can work for 72 hours generating 0.85V voltage and 100mA current density for a single cell. It can be recharged with a few drops of water and does not require any source of electricity.

These batteries can be used to light LED lamps and even charge a mobile phone.

The guests from Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd. were also shown other breakthrough developments by the scientists at Amity such as Herbal Mosquito Repellants, Silver Nano Based Water Purifier etc.

Source: Ayushi Gupta, HT Campus Specialist

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