Session on Banking at Jaipuria Institute of Management

HTCampus Expert updated on : 29 Nov 2015

A guest lecture on banking in India organised by Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore on November


As Karl Marx in his book, “Communist Manifesto” rightly said “Money plays the largest part in determining the course of history”, so does bank!

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore witnessed a session of one of its kind on “Banking in India, Recent trends, Roles of regulators and Overview of Basel norms.” delivered by Mr. Lalit Nagani, Manager, the Central Bank Of India and also a Corporate trainer specialized in finance, IT and banking. Session was coordinated by Dr. Megha Jain.

The session began with introduction to the concept of origin of Indian banking system and also how banks traced their origin. It enlightened the students on how the work “bank” came into existence.

The session proceeded further with the introduction of the topics like the Banking Companies Act, the 3 phases of the evolution of the banking system in India and also how banks function. It also dealt with the pros and cons of the old banking system of the Country.

The session then focused upon the origin and introduction of RBI into the banking system and how it regulates the entire banking system. Monetary policies of a country are the guiding force of the economy. Any distortion, may lead to the downfall of the entire system. Mr. Nagani also made the lot cognizant about the importance and objectives of the monetary policies and why they are the guiding force.



Finally came the most interesting part of the session the discussion on “the Basel Norms” and the Bureau of International settlement or BIS. He informed students about the functioning of the BIS and how it works to foster cooperation among Central banks with a common goal of financial stability. It was an interactive and knowledgeable session which enticed the interest of lot many students in the banking sector.


Source: Shilpi Shristy, HT Campus Specialist

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