Shyam Steel Industries Ltd: Industrial Visit by BESC Kolkata

HTCampus Expert updated on : 22 Sep 2015

Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata conducted Industrial Visit to Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. Durgapur


The Shop Collective of Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata organised an Industrial Visit for the first year students to Shyam Steel Industries Ltd. Durgapur plant on September 11, 2015 with a troop of 37 students along with Professor Divyesh Shah, professor in-charge of Shop Floor.

The troop reached the plant by 10:30 AM and were greeted and welcomed by The Factory Representative, Mr. Anil Tiwari. The students who escorted the factory were given visitor’s ID card and were seated in the conference room and were served with refreshments. The herd was happy with the hospitality of the factory members. The students were given a brief introduction by the General Manager-Mr. Deepak Chaudhary and the Factory Manager as well.



The students were divided into three groups and first were taken to the power house of the plant where they were shown and explained in simple terms as to how they produce electricity for their plant and direct it towards the main unit. The second round of the factory was to the next stage of production where they were briefed about filtration of the iron-ore and the separation of magnetic and non-magnetic substances by a disc magnet.



The last halt in the factory was about the testing process of the laboratory where the scholars were demonstrated with the strength of the TMT bars produced by Shyam Steel Industries. They were also proven that their product’s quality was way higher than the prescribed standards of ‘ISI’.

The students had a great experience at the factory. And they were left with extensive practical knowledge.


Source: Shriya Agarwal, HT Campus Specialist


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