Snehdeep Singh Kalsi of SIBM Bengaluru Shines as Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 5 Winner

HTCampus Expert updated on : 20 Apr 2016

Snehdeep Singh Kalsi took home a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift as the winner of Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 5.

Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 5
Mr. Snehdeep Singh Kalsi of SIBM Bengaluru brought laurels to the institute by winning Colours of Youth Season 5. 
He took home a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift, after giving his marvellous performances Allah Hoo and Allah Hi Rahem (My Name is Khan) in the grand finale round at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon NCR Delhi on March 30, 2016. 
The Country Rockers from D. Y. Patil College and Divyansh Gupta from NMIMS Mumbai grab the positions of 1st runner up and 2nd runner-up respectively.
Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 5 partnered by MTV, saw 6000+ students from leading business schools, across 11 cities participating in the initial phase of city rounds. These city rounds were followed by zonal rounds in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bengaluru from which, 16 extremely talented students were chosen as the finalists.
Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth is a national platform where multi-talented students get a chance to present their unique skills and an opportunity to excel beyond academics. Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 5, the exciting fifth edition was designed to draw out the most talented managers from India's premier B-schools and professional colleges, with an exciting prize Maruti Suzuki Swift up for grabs. Here, India’s most talented and versatile youth are competed against each other to showcase their talents across Music, Dance, Theatrics, Mimicry, Photography, Stand-up Comedy and more. 
Radio and Video Jockey Nikhil Chinapa and Bollywood actress Perizaad Zorabian and a special guest judge, Hard Kaur, British Indian rapper and hip hop singer have graced the event as judges.
Here we at HTcampus present a short chit-chat session of SK with the PR & Media committee of SIBM Bengaluru, after winning the competition:
PR & Media: How do you feel after being the winner of MTV Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth Season 5?
Snehdeep: Surreal. I am honoured and feel blessed to have won the show. The feeling hasn’t sunk in yet. The competition was very tough and winning amidst some amazing dancers and singers, makes it very special.
PR & Media: How do you think SIBM has helped you achieving this?
Snehdeep: City Zonal Round & South Zonal Round were conducted in our college at SIBM Bengaluru so the crowd support was amazing and it really helped me perform better. The management has been very supportive encouraging students to participate in such co-curricular activities. Adding to that, the music club of SIBM Bengaluru ‘Saaz’ has also helped me practise regularly.
PR & Media: What is the one quality that is required to win, in any competition?
Snehdeep: Hunger to win and the ability to handle failure is the key. It’s imperative to learn from mistakes and then practise very hard and then repeat. In management jargon, the ability to do a proper SWOT analysis is required. Assess your strengths & weaknesses; play on your strengths while work on your weaknesses. Grab right opportunities at the right time and beware of threats. One must be able to gauge the level of competition around and prepare accordingly. Passion is a must!
PR & Media: Whom do you attribute your success to?
Snehdeep: To the Almighty for giving me this talent, my parents who have always supported and encouraged me and my Gurus for the knowledge of the music they gave me. When I had the option to choose either Amritsar or Chandigarh airports to take a flight to Delhi, I chose Amritsar, just to visit Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) and take blessings. My friends have been very supportive, boosted my confidence and were always there when I needed them.
Also, I cannot thank the judges enough for all their suggestions. The entire team of Colors of Youth has been very supportive. And last but not the least, I thank my college Symbiosis Institute of Business Management – Bengaluru (SIBM-B) for immense support and the whole student fraternity there. We have a music club ‘Saaz’ back at SIBM Bengaluru where we used to practice. All of them have their share of contribution towards my success.
PR & Media: What message would you like to give to talented students like you?
Snehdeep: I don’t think I am qualified enough to answer this but from my experience, I would say that having talent is not enough. You need to keep working at it and find a mentor who can guide you; who can widen your horizon. It’s like going to the gym and not taking advice from the trainer and instead trying anything random. And no matter what one must never lose hope.
I’ll quote a line that sums up my philosophy of life. It’s from Samuel Beckett - ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.’
I participated in Colors of Youth last year also. I was selected for the finals but had an exam on the day of grand finale and couldn't attend. This year I again attempted and here I am. So never lose hope, never avoid taking calculative risks, never stop trying something new and never ever stop dreaming.
Source: PR Team, SIBM Bangalore

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