Srjna, “learning by doing”- an initiative attempting to make education better

HTCampus Expert updated on : 05 Feb 2016

Srjna is a practical approach towards school education is pioneered, focused on the involvement of both students and teachers in an exclusive 5-D based methodology.

“A little boy groggily opens his eyes at the break of dawn in a remote village in Rajasthan. His mother hands him his lunchbox and waves him goodbye as he leaves for school. After walking for about 2km, he reaches school and goes and sits on the half broken wooden bench. He sits in the scorching heat for 6 hours just to watch the teachers enter, read the textbook and depart, practically putting very less knowledge in him as well as the rest of the class.”
This little boy grew up to be an IITian and the co-founder of Srjna, Mr. OP Godara. Determined to figure out the best way possible to instil an eagerness in students to treat education as more than just a burden, Mr. Om Prakash along with his colleagues from XLRI and IIT, Mr. Vivek Pathak (Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Sharad Bansal (Marketing and Finance) and Mr. Kapil Arya (Human resource and R&D), co-founded Srjna, to help teachers bring their subject to life by providing physical models and methodologies.
With the help of professors from IITs and colleagues, the team came up with 250+ models and 1000+ methodologies, to tackle the 3 major subjects of school curriculum for classes 1 to 10- Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
The logic behind the startup is that mainstream theoretical knowledge, which means “learning and then applying” is completely contrary to practical knowledge which follows the mantra of “learning by applying”, hence meaning that both go hand in hand, one being futile without the other. Srjna endeavors to highlight this concept.

Hence at Srjna, a practical approach towards school education is pioneered, focused on the involvement of both students and teachers in an exclusive 5-D based methodology. 
It is a giant leap from the obsolete textbook oriented system and surpasses the recently established smart classes’ services in all the aspects of efficiency, cost and reliability.
The company provides us with models that are innovative, feasible and portable and are curriculum mapped to progressive schools. The main intention is to deliver excellent education through unconventional yet influential learning techniques. The company believes in a change in the education scenario through a shift from the cramming methods to inquisitive ones, which build up the foundation for every child.
With an extensive array of models and methodologies, Srjna entered the market in 2014. In an effort to provide quality education through their products and services, they started setting up labs in schools, also training teachers on the usage of their products and bestowing mentorship to students via assessments.
It has been listed in the top 6 startups by IIT Delhi alumni’s on IIT Delhi Alumnus day’14. It has also emerged victorious in a range of competitions, including ‘Seed Money Competition’ (Venture lab, Thapar), the prestigious ‘Maverick ’15’ competition and ‘Tech4raj’ competition (TiE, Rajasthan).
Today, Srjna, in association with the state government of Rajasthan is organizing a trail of main implementation for the government and private schools, starting from Jaipur city as prescribed by the officials. It seeks CSR funds to implement their projects in govt. /trust schools.
Source: Pratyush Das, HTCampus Specialist 

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