SRM University student bags Prestigious Scholarship to MIT Media Labs

Jayita Ekka updated on : 25 Aug 2015

World’s First Anti-Rape Device Invented by Manisha Mohan, a young student researcher at SRM University, Chennai.

Recent graduate in Automobile Engineering at SRM University in Chennai, Manisha Mohan, is understandably on cloud nine, having gained entry into the prestigious MIT Media Lab in the USA. A crucible for innovation and experimentation,   the Lab works to create disruptive technologies that happen at the edges, pioneering such areas as wearable computing, tangible interfaces, and affective computing.   
If gaining entry to study for her MS was not  creditable  enough, Manisha went on to secure a Research Assistantship covering full tuition and health insurance, with a stipend of USD 2566 to boot. “ My dream has come true”, said an excited Manisha on receiving the news,  “ my passion is innovation, and I believe the enabling environment at MIT Media Lab will provide a channel for the many creative ideas I have”, she went on to add. With a never say die attitude, Manisha landed the coveted position after several gruelling interviews by Skype.
One of her creative ideas that saw the light of day at SRM University, was her invention of the world’s first anti-rape device that protects women from rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Christened Society Harnessing Equipment or SHE, the device was both ingenious and clever, combining the disciplines of micro-processing, control, electronics and communications. When the modesty of a women is violated, the devise provides a 3800kv electric shock capable of causing severe burns, and simultaneously sending out a message, through an embedded GPRS system, to the police with location details.  The device is being patented.

How does Society Harnessing Equipment or SHE work?

“The entire electronics is contained in the bi layer fabric”, explained Manisha, “the first layer provides insulation to the woman, while the current flows in the closed loop”, she went on to add. When pressure is applied by touch the closed loop gets actuated, and the circuit breaks causing a 3800kv electric shock capable of causing severe burns. Almost instantaneously, the device sends out a message to alert the dear ones of the victim, and the police with location, through an embedded GPRS system. SHE, which is being patented, is an innerwear, or bra to be precise, actuated with sensors and electric shock circuit board, and sensitive to squeeze, pinch and grab over a woman’s bosom.
Not one to be satisfied with academics alone, Manisha never missed any opportunity that could shape her skills at innovation and experimentation. One such foray was when she was selected as an Innovation Scholar In-Residence Programme at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, brainchild of Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, a firm believer that creativity and innovation are essential both for human happiness and development. The programme lays emphasis on contemplation, introspection and reflection as essential ingredients for the healthy growth of body and mind, qualities that Manisha showed in abundant measure, spending a month at Rashtrapathy Bhavan, honing her creative abilities.
Manisha's dynamic team comprised of Niladri Basu Bal and Rimpi Tripathi of Instrumentation and Control Engineering at SRM University. 
Explaining her mantra for success, Manisha attributes it to her dogged passion to chase one’s dreams and then to actualising those dreams. So anguished and moved was she by the Nirbaya rape incident in Delhi which stirred the nation, where a young girl lost her life that made her determined to do something.  It was this determination that led her to invent the anti-rape device SHE.  “I also made use of the opportunities provided by the University, and spending a semester abroad in Sweden gave me new perspectives on research and innovation”, said Manisha. Her advice to young innovators is to dream big and work hard to achieve those hidden ambitions . Something that Manisha knows only too well, living and experiencing her dreams. 

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