SRM University’s New Programmes to Encourage International Exposure

Sarika Rana updated on : 10 Jan 2017

SRM University has introduced three new outbound mobility programmes to promote international exposure. Check the new programmes here!

SRM University new programmes

In the wake of offering quality higher education and endowing its students with lucrative career opportunities, SRM University has launched three new programmes to provide and encourage international exposure to its students. Let us look at all three newly launched programmes and their importance.

Student Abroad and Transfer Programme (SATP)

SATP helps and enables students to take up few courses or a Major project in reputed foreign universities for one semester. The credits earned at the foreign university by the students through this programme will then be converted into SRM credits via an approved conversion process. These credits will further be eligible to award degree by SRM University to the students. Once the study period at the foreign university concludes, students will continue to study in SRM University in the next semester. However, to become eligible for a degree by SRM University, students will need to fulfill various mandatory conditions.

Dual Degree Programme

Dual Degree programme is available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This programme will have students working for two different university degrees parallel, it can be at either the same institutes or two different institutes. Students will be able to complete the programme in less time as compared to the time taken to earn them separately. The degrees might or might not be in the same subject. The dual degree option is available under certain degree programmes of the faculty of engineering and technology and management. Following are the dual degree programmes offered at SRM University-

  • B.Tech and MS
  • M.Tech and MS
  • MBA Dual

Training Programme

Under this programme, the partnering universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with regular curriculum. This programme will enable students to earn credits during the course of their study at SRM and will be available to students at the undergraduate level.

Given below is a list of foreign universities for Dual degree and Twinning transfer-

Name of the University

Name of the Programme

University of Dayton

Dual Degree and Twinning Programme

Virginia Commonwealth University

Dual Degree and Twinning programme

Illinois Institute of Technology

Dual degree

Missouri State university

Dual degree

University of Warwick

Dual degree

Lancaster University

Dual degree and twinning programme

University of New South Wales

Dual degree

Polytechnic Tours

Dual degree

University of Applied Science: Bochum, Bonn-RheinSieg, Glesenkrichen

Dual degree


Twinning programme

For more information on these courses, check out the official website of SRM University. 

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