SVNIT to Host a Short Term Training Program from March 21st

HTCampus Expert updated on : 17 Mar 2016

A short term training programme is scheduled from March 21 to 25 at Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat.

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat will conduct a one-week short-term training program on ‘Advanced Engineering Optimization through Intelligent Techniques’ between March 21 and 25, 2016. The main objective of this training program is to promote the application of optimization methods in the engineering sciences.
Topics to Cover
  • Constrained and unconstrained deterministic linear and non-linear programming methods, multi-objective optimization
  • Genetic algorithm (GA), simulated annealing (SA), Particle swarm optimization (PSO), Ant colony optimization (ACO), Artificial bee colony (ABC), Harmony search (HS), Hybrid methods of optimization, etc.
  • Teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) algorithm (developed by the Coordinator and published in reputed international journals of Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, ASME, IEEE Transactions, etc.)
  • Jaya algorithm (developed by the Coordinator and recently published)
  • Neural network based optimization, Fuzzy concept in optimization
  • Graph theory and matrix approach
  • Multi-attribute decision making methods such as AHP, TOPSIS, PROMETHEE,
  • Various interdisciplinary real world case studies
  • Guidelines on how to publish research papers in reputed international journals
Target Audience:
The training programme is open to: 
  • Engineering college and polytechnic teachers and research scholars.
  • Engineering faculty members and research scholars of civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer, applied mechanics, and chemical engineering disciplines can attend the program.
  • Faculty members with science and mathematics background also can attend.
  • Industry personnel can also attend this training program.
For more information, click on official website of SVNIT Surat.
Source: Amin Qureshi, HTCampus Specialist 

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