Swayam – Government to launch platform with 1500 courses for students

Vinod Sharma updated on : 01 Feb 2017

Swayam from HRD Ministry of India is a Massive Open Online Courses program aimed at making quality education easily available and affordable to all.

It’s been a while the news about Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (Swayam) is hitting the web. Every one of us, the students and parents in particular, are eagerly waiting for the project to come into full force. However, before we start discussing tenets of Swayam, it’s better to know about it in detail.

The HRD Ministry under NDA government first talked about the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) within hundred days of coming to the power. It’s been in the news ever since and got the headlines again as the HRD minister, Smriti Irani, tweeted the proposed student journey map recently. MOOCS aims to better student’s experience by making information on course/s easily available and accessible to prospective students.

The flow chart of SWAYAM will enable students to check their eligibility for the courses available. They can also reach out to the course coordinators to get the more specific, detailed and accurate information. The successful application submission and registration will enable students to access the study material online as soon as the course gets underway. During the course schedule, students can connect with other learners as well.

The program will also include the mid-module guidance and assessments that are aimed at keeping the students up to the mark and on track during their academic session. The completion of the course will enable students to earn credits. Following the course review exercise, next level of learning will commence in the program.

Now after knowing about the HRD ministry’s Swayam – the MOOCS program, you might surely be thinking how it will better the present education system in India. The next question that can strike you is how it is going to change the way we study. To get the answers to these and more of such questions you can have, consider reading the following lines.    


How will it change the students’ life?

This is a billion dollar question. Of course, the e-learning program has been developed and structured in a way to better the inclusion in the current setup for the admission process in colleges and schools within India is inapt to cater to the increasing number of applicants. Now students who somehow are dropped out or didn’t get admission in courses of their choice in regular classes may study on their disposal and obtain a degree.


Ease of access to courseware

As soon as the MOOCS comes into full swing, it will make accessing course related information and study material easy for the students. Now they need not to run from pillar to post to accumulate the relevant study material. All that they need is a device that runs the internet and an active internet connection. Before taking the course, you need to keep the backup in case you lose the internet connectivity.

Increasing the reach of Education

With MOOCS on board, quality education won’t be confined to a few areas only. It will give students from remote areas, working professionals and dropouts from every corner of India a chance to take admissions in the courses of their choice and access the study material on their disposal. As accessing quality education will be easier and its reach wider, getting more calibre and professionals in a field will be relatively easy.

Learning anytime, anywhere

MOOCS is all about quality of content, the online lectures, healthy discussions and knowledge enhancing quizzes. All these things will be easily accessible anytime and from anywhere. With MOOCS, Students will get a great opportunity to pursue courses of their likings without worrying about the failure.  

Quality and affordable education

Owing to the high cost of quality education, many deserving students aren’t able to get the courses and colleges of their choice. In such a case, they’re left with no other option but to change the college, steam and even give up at times. To solve this problem, fee to take admission in any of the courses under MOOCS program will be nominal and quality of education high. This will kill proverbial two birds with one stone.


The Challenges

If the recent statics from the major MOOC providers to go by, India has the second largest audience for MOOCS after USA. Therefore, the success of HRD ministry’s Swayam seems imminent provided, attention is paid to plan and execute it perfectly. Now it’s time for us to analyze what will be the potential challenges that could come in way of making Swayam successful.


Providing the right kind of infrastructure to make this program successful will surely be one of the biggest challenges for the Indian government. Since the program is in the pipeline as of now and procuring the right infrastructure a big problem, it is highly likely that it will take a decade or even more time to come into full flow. 

Competent teachers

On the other hand, finding the tech savvy and competent teachers will be hard too and could make or break the entire project.


Disclaimer: The article is based on the author's understanding of the subject and personal views on the same. 

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