Teacher’s Day Special: Funny One-Liners We Hear from Our Teachers

Sarika Rana updated on : 02 Sep 2016

Teacher’s day is a special occasion where you can take out some time from your busy lives to thank all the teachers who have been, in some way or the other, a major part in what you have achieved today!

Teacher's Day
“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”- Solomon Ortiz

From kindergarten to the highest degree of studies, we found a constant guide and mentor in our teachers, helping us grow in academics as well as a human. There were our teachers, some who we loved, some who we loved to hate and some who were our personal favourites. No matter what, these feelings never changed for them.

There are so many types of teachers we come across in our lives, who taught us so many lessons from books as well their experience. However, what remain are their charm and the way they manage a huge number of students in the class.

All of us might have moved on with our lives leaving behind many good and bad memories with our teachers, but what we do not forget are their favourite one-liners that they repeatedly used in the class.

This Teacher’s Day, HTCampus gives an ode to all the annoyed teachers who once (or many times) in their lives used the following funny one-liners for their students.

I want pin drop silence in the class

Image Source: Dailymoss

Silence Everyone! Is this a class or a fish market?

Image Source: Indiaeducation

This is the worst batch I have ever taught

Image Source: post.jagran

Where is your homework? Why haven’t you done your homework?

Image Source: pinterest

Why do you want to go the bathroom?

Image Source: buzzfeed

Who asked you to pack your bags? Let the bell ring, sit and complete your work.

Image Source: imgur

I will not tolerate any indiscipline in the class

Image Source: endiinmind

That is a good question. Why don’t you look up the answer and present to the class tomorrow?

Image Source: nbc news

Keep talking, and then cry when you get a big ‘anda’ in the test tomorrow.

Image Source: thetwocities

Why speaking so fast, do you have a train to catch?

Image Source: whatwoulddddo

What do you mean you forgot to write your homework? Do you ever forget to eat your food?

Image Source: giphy

Get out of the class. No, I don’t want to hear anything! OUT! NOW!

Image source: giphy

Sitting right in the front and talking under my nose!

Image Source: giphy

Didn’t you have breakfast in the morning? Read it loud!

Image Source: writeathome

I will not take attendance if you all will keep talking.

Image Source: cinemablend

Teacher’s Day Thank You Note

Thank you for enlightening us with knowledge. Thank you for supporting and molding us into what we have achieved today. Thank you for your guidance towards the right path. Thank you for making our learning a fun experience. Thank you for wishing only the best for us. Thank you!

If you have any other one-liner that your teachers used for your class, jot down all of them in the comments section below!

HTCampus wishes all the teachers, guide and mentors a very Happy Teacher’s Day!


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