‘Tech Fest 2013’ - Lecture Series in IIT Bombay, Maharashtra


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Maharashtra will organise 'Tech Fest' - lecture series from January 3 till January 5, 2012 at its campus.

Techfest IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay, is announcing Tech fest 2013 Lecture series in the coming edition from January 3 to January 5, 2013. IIT bombay is hosting a number of eminent personalities from different parts of the world catering to students and faculty of all the departments as well as the general audience.

Following are the speakers who are going to mesmerize you with their interactive talks during Techfest:

Name of the Lecturer


Amrartya Sen (Nobel Prize  in Economic Sciences, 1998)

“India: A defense and a critique”
will deliver prestigious G. L. Mehta Memorial Lecture of IIT Bombay

Rakesh Sharma (First Indian into Space)

Should India Invest In A Manned Space Programme?

Ei-ichi Negishi (Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2010)

 Magical Power of d-Block Transition Metals. (Past , Present and the Future) 

Jocelyn Goldfein (Director of Engineering, Facebook)

The Evolution of News Feed.

Stephen Cook (Turing Award winner 1982 
Highest honor in the field of computer science.)

The Ultimate Limits of Computers.

Ashoke Sen (Fundamental Physics Prize, 2012)

Search for a Unified Theory

Amitabha Ghosh (Chairman, Science Operations of Curiosity mission NASA)

To be announced

Michael Tiemann (Vice President of the Open Source leader Red Hat Inc)

Cloud Computing, the Next Really Big Thing. 

Charles H. Lineweaver (Renowned Astronomer, Senior Fellow at Planetary Science Institute)

Are we alone?

Shahn Majid (Pure Mathematician and Director of Mathematics at Queens Mary University)

Quantum space and time.

Eric Giler (Founder and CEO of WiTricity Corporation Developer of wireless electricity)

The Promise of Highly Resonant Power Transfer.

Archana Sharma (Senior Physicist and Only Permanent Indian at CERN’s LHC)

God Particle Matters: Unlocking the mysteries of the Universe at CERN's the Science and Technology Frontier.

Sunita Narain (Environmentalist and Director of Center for Science and Environment of India)

Environment challenges: What this means for science, technology and lifestyle. 

Arun Jaura (Vice President, Technology EATON Corporation)

To be announced

Osamu Hasegawa (Researcher in the field Robotics. Developer of SOINN one of the most advanced AI algorithm in the world.)

SOINN - An Artificial Brain for Intelligent Autonomous Agents.

Roberto Dillon (Game Design and Development expert)

To be announced


• There is no registration or fees required to attend the lectures at Techfest. 

• Attendants are just required to carry a valid Photo ID card along with them for the entry into IIT

• The entry into lectures is purely based on first come first serve basis.

For further queries contact:

Deepak Venkat, Manager, Events

Email: deepak@techfest.org

Mobile: +91 900 428 0431

Source: Pukhraj Kansotiya, Campus Specialist

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