2 Days to Go for XAT 2017 Exam!

Snigdha updated on : 05 Jan 2017

All those MBA aspirants who are wondering how to best utilize the last week before their entrance exam can check the tips provided below to enhance their score.

Things To Do A Week Before Your MBA Entrance Exam

Doing a few minor things in the week before your XAT 2017 exam can make a huge difference to determine its results. You can shoot up directly to the top with a good score and qualifying for the college of your choice, miss clearing the exam by a whisker or settle for an average college with a low score. Check out these must-to-do things a week before your MBA entrance exam.

Last week before an exam is usually the most anxious period. Everybody tries to make the most of their remaining time and find ways for efficient time management. Months of study, dedication and SWOT analysis finally comes to the verge of getting tested. But as much as this last week is full of anticipations, the stress quotient is not anytime less either. 

Making it to a top MBA college in the country is usually the utmost priority for each candidate appearing for any of the numerous MBA entrance examinations. For exams like XAT 2017, students are seen taking endless mock tests and practice tests to get acquainted with all types of questions. In trying to do so, they forget to realize that the percentile of any MBA exam will be determined majorly on the quality of study done in the past few months and not in the last one week alone.

In a bid to lower down the stress levels of all MBA aspirants out there, here is the list of things to do a week before MBA entrance examination starts.

Take more Practice Tests/ Mock Tests

The last week before the MBA exam should be spent majorly on solving practice tests and mock test papers instead of trying to start studying something new. Giving these tests is one of the best ways of time management and will also make you familiar with the varied type of questions you may get in the examination. Moreover, starting something entirely new may clog your mind; resulting in added stress. You can focus on exam specific tests like XAT mock test for those appearing for XAT examination, etc.

Analyze Mock Test Results

Just taking these mock tests are not enough. You should spend time in analyzing the results of these tests to understand where exactly did you go wrong. Such evaluations will lead to your SWOT analysis that involves understanding your strengths along with your problem areas. Only when you know the problems, you can find a possible solution and decide what to focus on and what not to, thus, making evaluation a major step for boosting your percentile.

Minimizing Frequent Mistakes

‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Implementing this age old saying while preparing for your MBA entrance exam will do the trick for you too. All you need to do is to minimize your mistakes.  Working on your mistakes will reduce its frequency and eventually help you overcome them so that you don’t lose out those important marks in your exam. SWOT analysis will help you to identify problems; whereas the evaluation of mock/practice test results, reasons for mistakes.

Emphasize On Your Strengths

Along with identifying your weakness, SWOT analysis also helps you to realize your strengths. Focusing a lot on your problems may lower your self confidence and give you loads of stress.  Moreover, topics that you are good at will take less time in answering during exam while weaker areas may lead to losing out a lot of precious time. Thus, spending greater amount of time in reinforcing your strengths is advisable since it acts as one of the most important time management skills to fetch you greater scores.

Prepare a ‘Things to Do’ Checklist

During the last week before the exam, students often tend to get extremely confused and unsure of how to utilize their time efficiently. They plan to focus on something and find themselves doing something entirely different. In trying not to miss out few major topics for revision, they are unable to give their complete attention to one thing at a time. Therefore, to avoid missing out on the important topics that you would like to go through in this last week, you need to prepare a ‘Things to do’ checklist, listing all such things. Listing important topics in this manner would nullify the probability of missing them for the last revision and will help in time management too.

Avoid Focusing on Difficult Areas

Not every topic in your syllabus would be a piece of cake. Some theories may take just a few minutes to understand while you may not get some of them even after days of hard work. Therefore, for efficient time management in the last week, you should avoid studying complex topics as it may result in blocking your mind. Instead, you should focus more on high scoring topics and the ones you are good at.

Taking Breaks are Important

‘All study and no play’ is not a very good approach to prepare for any exam. Studying continuously for hours will clog your mind. Taking adequate breaks in between study time helps to fresh it up. You may be able to finish a topic faster with a fresh mind than when you feel mental fatigue. This not only saves time but is also good for your body. 

Plan the sequence in advance

All those who will be appearing for an MBA entrance test are advised to plan the sequence they would like to follow when attempting the paper in real. They should decide which section they would like to attempt at first. Planning in the last week of the exam will help you develop a better approach to attempt the paper for sure. 

Avoid studying on the last day

Contrary to what most students do, it is advisable not to study a day before the exam. It is practically impossible to learn something new on the last day that you were unable to study in the previous months of preparation. Moreover, studying a lot on the last day may make you tired and might increase your stress level. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid studying on a day before the exam and take proper rest so that you go for the exam with a fresh mind and body.  

Even though things like time management, SWOT analysis, taking mock tests, etc are not new tricks. But keeping them in mind will definitely help you sail through your XAT 2017 exam with flying colours.

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