How to Prepare for Bank PO

Nitin Rao updated on : 06 May 2016

Have you applied for probationary officer exam and do not know how to prepare for Bank PO? Take these 6 simple steps to crack bank PO exam.

Bank jobs are the hot jobs among job seekers even during the period of recession. The growing demand of the banking sector has made it the most important destinations for employment. Bank PO exam is the gateway to the management cadre of the banking industry. Since State Bank of India (SBI) released advertisement for recruitment of probationary officers recently, we are constantly receiving queries regarding how to prepare for Bank PO on HTCampus. To simplify your preparation, here are few sure shot tips on cracking the exams for bank probationary officers.


How to Prepare for Bank PO


Step 1

Know the Exam Pattern

The first thing you need to know is the pattern of the exam. A written test for a PO exam consists of two parts, objective and descriptive. The objective part consists of 4 sections namely English language test, quantitative ability, reasoning and general awareness .The descriptive test demands the candidate to write essay length answers on current issues and also the candidates which are chosen are also called for a round of group discussion and  interview.

Step 2

Practice and Prepare

Practice through model test papers and last year question papers would help you giving an outline to the question paper. Try and practice the question papers at least thrice, this might help you gain confidence.

Since English is an important component of your paper, you should work on the English section and strong vocabulary, which comes in the form of comprehension, fill in the banks antonyms, synonyms etc. Begin your preparations as early as you can and devote ample time to each section.

You should have good knowledge of Mathematics as well. Practice Class X Mathematics. NCERT Class X Mathematics textbooks are the best way to go about it. Besides this, scan newspapers and watch the news daily to be updated on current affairs and for general awareness.

Step 3

Time Management

Time management is the key to crack the Bank PO exam. Besides being able to strategize time by focusing on the easier subjects first followed by the tough ones, you should time yourself for every section. Do not spend more than 30 seconds for any multiple-choice answer, chances are that you either know or do not know the answer. Therefore, there is no point spending valuable time doing guesswork. Come back later to those questions when you have the time.

In addition, this is a great way to ‘not attempt’ questions which you are unsure of, decreasing the chances of negative marking. This is the trick to attempt 225 questions in 135 minutes. You should attempt the easier part first like general awareness, marketing aptitude first followed by others. They should try attempting 175-185 questions with 90% accuracy to be a step closer to your goal. 


Step 4

Give Mock Tests

Keep yourself engaged in giving mock tests. Coaching institutes offer mock tests. Hence, it is better to enrol in such an institute to keep a check on your competitive spirit in the exams. In addition, download or buy sample test papers of the previous years; study the pattern and the type of questions. Besides giving you an insight on the type of questions, you will be able to increase your speed in solving the paper, along with smooth and easy movement across sections (in case you do not know a particular answer).


Bank PO Preparation Tips


Step 5

Prepare Well for GK

Start reading newspapers and current affairs magazines to build your knowledge for the general awareness section of the Bank PO exam. Watch the news regularly and follow opinions on a burning topic from industry experts. It will help you in your descriptive answers. Scan information on the banking operations sector through various journals issued by the banks and others alike. An added advantage will be to keep a tab on the existing state of the trade as well.

Step 6

Leave Doubtful Questions

Try to attempt those questions first of which you are confident and do not attempt those questions of which you are doubtful because negative marking can lead you to trouble. You can gain practical knowledge of this arena by solving many question papers.

We hope these aforementioned sure shot strategies and tips will help you performing better in Bank PO exam.

Good Luck!

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