Tips to Attempt Board Exams Fearlessly

Devanshi Sharma updated on : 24 Jan 2018

Board exams are round the corner and the pressure to perform is very high. The best way to keep the pressure at bay is to be organized.

how to attempt board exam fearlessly

Board exams are around the corner and the pressure to perform is very high. There are expectations by school and family put onto the shoulders of students, which make their condition stressful. Students are also nervous about the fact that board exams are a turning point in a student’s life. With all this in mind, getting anxious is pretty normal but to control that anxiety is equally important.

Read the tips below to combat the exam stress and get fearless for board exams 2018:

How to deal with exam pressure before, during and after board exams 2018?

Stay Organized: The best way to keep the pressure at bay is to be organized. When you plan for future it is easier to achieve goals. By keeping things organized like your books, stationery, and other study material, you’ll be able to stay more focused and waste less time. Making time for relaxing is also important. That way, you’ll be able to learn faster and retain more.

Scientific studies have found out that our brain releases melatonin hormone while we sleep. It is responsible for restoring our energy and making us feel fresh after sleep. So, it is important for students who get stressed during exams to take proper care and rest to enhance their learning and memory.

How to Stay Active and Fresh While Preparing for Exams?

Take Breaks: Education experts don’t recommend studying for long durations. It is advised to take short breaks. 10-15 minutes break is good for 40-50 minutes studying session.

In your breaks you can pursue recreational activities like reading, dancing, playing or engaging in conversation with friends or family. Eating what you like will also help you to relax. Try to eat fruits and vegetables which will also to keep your immunity intact.

How to stay confident and deal with blank out during the exam?

Meaningful Learning not Rote Memorization: Rote memorization is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself during exams. This is a kind of short-term memory, which stays for you only for some time and later gets erased. All that you memorized would be washed away leaving you blanked out at the time of stress or panic.

The best way to stay away from such a situation is to learn everything by heart. Take interest in your studies and try to clear your basics. This way, you’ll remember everything and it’ll also be beneficial for your future. It is just like knowing lyrics of a song because you paid attention and showed interest in it. Same way you can do it for your studies and keep everything that you’ve learned with you forever. 

Why do I fear exams? Ever thought about it?

It is the fear of a bad result: The thing is that due to extreme pressure and anxiety you only believe that scoring ninety percent marks is the only option. You don’t fear exams but you fear the result of obtaining a bad result.

Students are often forced to think about it time and again. These thoughts get into their subconscious mind and hence, the fear. This often leads to a situation of panic and students find themselves helpless, which leads to frustration and breakdown. To deal with this, teachers and parents must make sure that they are providing optimum support, which will help students to boost their confidence.   

Students must also make sure to keep their self-confidence high. They can do this by preparing questions that are important or by attempting previous year question papers. They must cover everything in that in the syllabus for board exams 2018.  

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