Tips to Get into Delhi Technological University

Vinod Sharma updated on : 31 May 2016

To ensure you get a seat in as prestigious institute of technology as Delhi Technological University is, you need to plan properly, develop systematic approach, remained disciplined and focused.

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Delhi Technological University remains the dream of those with a creative bent of mind and aspirations to explore the field of technology. However, getting into this prestigious university isn’t as easy as many might consider it. You need to necessarily score higher in your exam and be good in studies. However, this is not enough to get into the Delhi Technical University. You need much more than the good grade to ensure DTU admission.

First of all, those who aspire to take admission in DTU Delhi might surely be knowing that the university attracts even the top performers in national examinations such as JEE (mains) for courses at undergraduate and GATE at the post graduate level. Therefore, know the competition you need to beat and this will give you a fair amount of idea how much you need to prepare. Here are some tips that help you make through Delhi Technological University.

Be good in academics

This is something you surely can’t do without in a highly competitive scenario. You need to score higher in your 10+2 and of course crack JEE Main. The reason being, Delhi Technology University fills all its seats based on JEE (Main) all India rank. Being good in academics will help you make DTU Admission process smooth in the Delhi technical campus.  

No shortcut to success

If you listen to the interview of those who have cracked JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CAT, MAT, UPSC or any other exam for that matter, will tell you that there is no shortcut to success. Only hard work can land you in the territory of success. Same is the case with those who want to take admission in Delhi Technological University. Aspirants need to work hard day and night to get through.

Right direction to hard work

Preparing just isn’t enough, but giving your preparation a right direction is equally important too as long as you want to be the part of any course. Particularly, when it is about Delhi Technical University, you need to be more organized in your approach. Keep the study material and subject matter prescribed in the test in your mind so that you can put your efforts in the right direction.

Speed with accuracy

To beat the competition and get an admission in DTU Delhi, it is but imperative that you maintain speed with accuracy during the test. For that, the one way out is none other than practice and practice as hard as possible. Consistent preparation and solving questions on the regular basis will only help you master the art and remain quick as well as accurate during the test. In addition to this, make sure whatever concepts you study, you understand it fully. Stronger your concepts are more chances you have to get into Delhi Technological University.

Thorough knowledge of Subject matter

If anything ever that’s more important, potential and indispensable in securing a seat at Delhi Technological University, it’s thorough knowledge and understanding of the subjects incorporated to take admission in any of the courses on offer in DTU Delhi. You need to grasp your subjects, topics and analyze everything in a drive to ensure a seat in this prestigious institution of technology.  

Disciplined and systematic approach

Being disciplined in your approach, deciding your daily study routine and sticking to it will enable you win a seat in DTU Delhi or any other prestigious institute you aim. A systematic approach will surely make the difference when it comes to securing a seat into any of the prestigious institutions within India, DTU is among no exception. 

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