TISSNET Preparation Tips 2018

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TISSNET preparation tips 2018 given here are the best tips to crack TISSNET exam 2018. Every TISSNET aspirant should read these preparation tips to develop strategy for TISSNET preparation.

TISSNET Preparation Tips

TISSNET Preparation Tips 2018 – Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test 2018 is to be conducted for admission to MA programs i.e. in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations. The exam will be conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences on 6th January 2018. The number of applicants is always higher than the number of total seats available at TISS for MA programs. Hence, there remains a great competition among the candidates in order to score an admission seat at the institute. Therefore, the candidates are required to have strong preparation strategy in order to crack TISSNET exam 2018. The preparation tips of TISSNET which have been discussed on this page will surely help the candidates jumpstarting their preparation strategies for TISSNET. Cracking TISSNET exam with good score is the first step towards securing admission in the institute. The preparation tips mentioned here are essential for every candidate who is aiming to crack TISSNET with good grades.

TISSNET Preparation Tips 2018

There is a general misconception among the candidates as if they prepare from a lot of books, they will get good scores. But in real sense, one right book is enough instead of referring many books which can lead the students to confusion. Hence, selecting proper study material for TISSNET is the best way to start preparation. Candidates should pick the books which cover the entire TISSNET syllabus and its exam pattern.

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First let’s have a look at TISSNET Exam Pattern 2018

The preparation strategy of any exam depends on its exam pattern. Same goes with TISSNET. Hence, it is important to go through the exam pattern before we start discussing preparation. Understanding the examination pattern will give insight of the exam. Have a look at the table given below:

Name of TISSNET Section

No. of Questions asked in Exam

Total Duration

General Awareness



100 Minutes

(1hour 40 minutes)

Maths and Logical Reasoning


English Proficiency




1. General Awareness TISSNET Preparation Tips 2018

General awareness section contains questions on current affairs and general knowledge. If we look at the trend of past two years, this section had questions from the following topics:

  • Indian rivers
  • United Nation Organizations
  • Basic Indian historical facts
  • Indian monuments
  • Indian economy
  • Indian government initiatives such as Mid – day meal, MNREGA
  • Famous Indian personalities
  • Olympic Games facts

So we can see that more emphasis has been put on India. Candidates are required to have a strong knowledge of it. A habit of regular newspaper reading and magazine reading will be a great advantage. Reading good books of GK such as GK yearbooks will good information. Due to its vastness, this section can be little challenging. Though, this problem can be solved by understanding the areas with priority. Some of the key areas are mentioned below:

  • Current Events
  • History
  • National and international political events
  • Geography and geology
  • Social events
  • Economic and business
  • Literature, music, films and arts
  • World famous personalities
  • Books and awards

Internet is a wonderful medium which is can be used for preparation of this section. With help of internet, you can stay updated with latest stories and news. The news apps are also good in this context. Candidates should focus on gaining knowledge of all the areas as staying in touch with current events won’t be enough for TISSNET preparation 2018. As we have mentioned the topics from where questions are generally asked in TISSNET, candidates are required to stay in touch with all the topics and shouldn’t leave any of it. This is because the candidates should broaden their knowledge horizon. Spending at least 30 minutes preparing this section should be enough.

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2. English Proficiency TISSNET Preparation Tips 2018

English proficiency section can be categorized into two parts, reading comprehension and verbal ability. The thrust areas in English proficiency section are mainly:

  • Word analogies
  • Rearranging sentences
  • Vocabulary with questions on words pairing and antonyms
  • Reading comprehension

TISSNET preparation tips for English proficiency includes following approaches which every candidate needs to follow:

  • Candidates need to polish their concept skills in every area, especially the ones mentioned above.  And for this, one can refer to NCERT books of 10th class.
  • Practising across the similar questions for this section will cement all the concepts of the candidates. Candidates can refer to question banks of different topics.
  • Practising mock tests is a great way of preparation. TISSNETT mock tests will surely help the candidates in building up the required test skills which includes striking the perfect synchronization between speed and accuracy, tie management and prioritization of sections.
  • Reading newspapers daily not only helps you in general knowledge preparation but also helps in preparing English proficiency. When you read newspapers, you encounter so many new words which you can practice in everyday communication regularly.
  • Reading the editorial section of the newspapers will help in improving the reading comprehension skills of the candidates and also will help in making sentence structure. Reading lengthy editorial can make you bore; hence you can break down the content and read in parts.
  • One of the most important useful TISSNET preparation tips 2018 is learning synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases. There are so many questions which are generally asked from these topics. Hence, their preparation is an important step. Learning the rules of grammar is another important tip. Understanding grammar rules will help the candidates a lot in answering the questions based on error spotting and sentence correction.

3. Maths and Logical Reasoning TISSNET Preparation Tips 2018

Maths and logical reasoning can be little tricky due to calculations and mathematical concepts. But once a candidate is able to understand the fundamentals of mathematics, this section is the easiest. This section covers the questions which are basically based on mathematical concepts. Hence, practising 10th and 12th class books of mathematics will do a great help in preparation of this section.

Solving as many questions a day as you can, will not only improve your mathematical skills but it will also develop your accuracy and speed. Practising TISSNET sample papers and mock tests of TISSNET will strengthen your preparation. Practising calculations and short cuts are a great move to save time during exam. You should practise the questions based on puzzles, alphabet series, logical connectivity, number series etc. Revising the formula will help in calculations.

This section contains 30 questions carrying 30 marks in total. Some of the frequently asked questions in this section belong to the following topics:

  • Factors
  • Arrangements
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Average
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Divisibility of a Number
  • Time and Wok
  • Data Interpretation
  • Time, Speed and Distance
  • HCF and LCM
  • Percentage
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Loss and Profit
  • Number Series
  • Average
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Quadrilaterals

Candidates can refer RS Agarwal for this preparation of this section.  Speed and accuracy are two key to crack this section and calculation is the key to speed which further strengthens your accuracy. Preparing topics from Modern Maths, Geometry, Arithmetic and Algebra is an extra advantage.

In case of logical reasoning, following topics can be prepared:-

  • Relationship
  • Identification of patterns in number sets
  • Determination of validity of conclusions based on given premises.

Role of TISSNET Mock Tests in TISSNET Preparation

Mock tests play a key role in preparation of any exam. Be it CAT, XAT or CMAT, mock tests can’t be avoided. And if you aren’t preparing TISSNET mock tests, you need to first focus on mock tests otherwise; it becomes a really hard affair to crack TISSNET exam. If you read the interviews of toppers of any exam, even especially TISSNET toppers, you will find that they have emphasised on TISSNET mock test preparation and they have been able to crack TISSNET with on the basis of their mock test preparation.

TISSNET preparation level of any candidate can be judged on the basis of mock tests only. Hence, practice as many mock tests as many you can. Mock tests make you feel like you are actually sitting in the exam. The best to find out your strength and weakness is practising mock tests and you can easily find loopholes in your preparation strategy of TISSNET. And once you encounter any loophole in your preparation planning, you can easily find ways to eliminate them. With the help of TISSNET mock tests, you will develop test taking approach. This will help you in several ways such as time management, maintaining balance between speed and accuracy, prioritization etc.

As there is no sectional cutoff in TISSNET, hence the main focus of the candidate should be on increasing marks overall. Thus, the candidate should not be concerned about how they do in any particular topic. You have the liberty to attempt as any questions as you can, even if you need to guess blindly, just do it; there is no mark deduction for any incorrect answer. If you have previously prepared for any other MBA entrance examination such as GMAT, SNAP or CAT, you will get benefit from your previous preparation. These are some of the best TISSNET preparation tips 2018 which the students can implement to score good grades in the examination.

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