Top 10 College Canteens in Delhi University

Gauri Sahni updated on : 17 Jun 2016

For all the foodies out there, we have compiled a list the best cafeterias in Delhi University. Have you tried all the DU specialties yet?

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Academic ranking, good faculty and modern facilities only play a limited role in making college life what it is for students. Ask any college graduate on what the best part of their college life or what their best memory was from those three years, the answers would resonate with similarity. Some of the best friendships and most cherished memories were made fighting over that last bite of samosa, settling bills doing ‘jugaad’ with the canteen bhaiya or bunking class to just hang out in the canteen! This is how in a one of a kind extensively researched survey conducted by Market Excel Data Matrix among 500 students came up the ranking of the Top 10 Canteens in Delhi University.

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1. Hansraj College

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Used to being a leading college of the country and excelling in every academic field, how could Hansraj possible that it would be left behind in the rankings for the top canteens? Coming number one on this list, Hansraj is famous for its fresh, hygienic canteen food and cheap prices. Students have also appreciated how ‘big’ the canteen is, and for its ability to hold a large number of students without feeling crowded.

Top dishes: Samosa and Spring Rolls


2. Hindu College

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Similar to Hansraj, Hindu College too has been appreciated for its cleanliness and fresh and hygienic food. It is also one of the few colleges to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on its menu. Hindu is lauded for its large canteen hall, which can hold a decent capacity of people at once. When compared to other colleges, Hindu is known to have a larger variety on its menu too!

Top dishes: Rajma Chawal and Dosa


3. Ramjas College

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Located at the heart of North Campus, Ramjas is known for its three floored canteen. Out of the three available floors, the first is air conditioned for a better experience! Students have appreciated the college for its spicy food and efficient service. The variety of food on offer also spans across a few cuisines.

Top dishes: Egg fried rice and French fries (with mint chutney)


4. St. Stephen’s College

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If a stranger walks into Stephens and asks for the canteen, the response will be met with a stare and a typical correction because “it’s café not canteen”. The café is the hub of the college, attracting old Stephanians who keep coming back for the food. Just like the different name, the food is also served unusually in china crockery with forks and knives. Apart from the food, the fresh fruit juices are supposed to be a real hit!

Top dishes: Mince Cutlets, Omelettes and Chicken Curry Rice (Fridays only)

5. Sri Venkateswara College (Venky)

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Topping the list among South Campus colleges, Venky is known to have an impressive canteen. It also has a Café Coffee Day kiosk right outside their canteen serving its signature beverages and snacks. Serving only vegetarian options, the South Indian food is a big hit among all! It also has seasonal specialties like Jalebis, which make a perfect snack on a chilly winter morning.

Top dishes: Vada Sambhar and Dosa


6. Miranda House



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The top girls college on this list, Miranda House’s canteen is known for having traditional architecture but yet being spavious. With the menu spreading across a few cuisines, what makes this canteen special is the unique fusion of certain dishes. One such example would be their hot selling ‘paneer dosawich’, an interesting twist between a paneer dosa and sandwich. The food here is considered to be pocket friendly but yet delicious.

Top dishes: Paneer Dosawich and Nimbu Pani


7. Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

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Currently under construction, the SRCC canteen just like its cutoffs is top notch. There is a fair variety of cuisines and dishes on the canteen menu. Irrfan Maggi Point right outside the canteen is a hot spot for students to hang out and buy cheesy maggi between classes. The canteen is said to be spacious and well ventilated.

Top dishes: Chhole Bhature and Cheese Cutlets


8. Kirori Mal College (KMC)

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KMC is said to have one of the largest canteens on campus, which can seat upto 200 people at once. The food available is appetizing and budgeted in nature. The canteen atmosphere is always buzzing, filled with the chatter of its students and staff. The nature of food provided is hot, fresh and relatively hygienic.

Top dishes: Vegetarian Roll and Chhole Bhature


9. Jesus and Mary College (JMC)

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The second girls’ college on the list, JMC’s canteen is supposed to be one of the best on South Campus. With a music system playing the trending songs at all time, the canteen is cool and crowded at all times. It also has a separate stall selling only bhel and sev puri, which is a hot favourite among both students and staff. The food served is prepared in a hygienic and clean environment.

Top dishes: Bhel/Sev Puri and Honey Chilly Potato


10. Kamala Nehru College (KNC)

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The canteen at KNC is unique in its layout and can be easily compared to a mini food court found in malls. The food is pocket friendly and is efficiently served. It is prepared in a relatively clean environment. The variety ranges across various cuisines and the area is a hot spot for students and staff.

Top dishes: Chhole Bhature and Rajma Chawal

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